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So yet again, the Eighth Wonder of the World named Kong is coming to the big screen. The third reboot/remake, titled Kong: Skull Island — starring Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman and Samuel L. Jackson — is going to hit theaters in March 2017.

At first the idea of this film made me roll my eyes. "Seriously? ANOTHER Kong movie?" I wondered. Then it was announced that Legendary, a studio I've come to love, was not only making the film but putting it in the same world as Gareth Edwards' Godzilla from 2014. My interest definitely was amplified, but I was still cautious ... that is, until 2016 San Diego Comic-Con came along and Legendary dropped a trailer that could only be described as terrifying yet epic:

The trailer showed us very little but still had some great things to be excited about, such as Kong getting an upgrade in size; before he was 25 feet tall but now he is definitely much bigger, although the trailer never showed a full body shot of him.

Peter Jackson's film was more of a remake of the original 1933 film, whereas the upcoming Legendary film is definitely a reimagining. Rather than a film crew trying to find a great location to shoot in the 1930s, the story seems to take place during the Vietnam War era; several helicopters are flying in to recon the strange island when all hell breaks loose, and now a group of survivors have to find a way off said island.

Which is not to say Peter Jackson's film is bad at all.

In 2005, Jackson was on top of the world thanks to his Lord of the Rings trilogy, and decided to bring King Kong back with his own remake of the 1933 original, retelling the story with beautiful CGI effects that still hold up to this day (mostly), a great cast and a series of fantastic action scenes that will get your heart pumping.

If you're in need of a good remake of King Kong, I highly recommend you watch the 2005 movie. And then maybe check out the 1976 one if you're curious, which paled in comparison to the 1933 original. (Revolutionary at the time, it's still a great movie to watch, despite its dated effects.)

It's great that Legendary is trying something new with Kong: Skull Island, because I did not want yet another copy-and-paste of the original idea; otherwise people will just get bored. But there is still a chance that they could end up just repeating what has already been done in the past, so here are five areas where Kong: Skull Island can build upon (and maybe even improve upon) its predecessors.

1. Skip The Beauty And Beast Subplot

Kong captures woman, woman brings out the good in him, 'twas beauty killed the beast. We've seen it three times now and we do not need to see it again!

Besides, do you honestly care about Kong as a sympathetic character in the least? No, you just wanted to see giant monsters.

With Brie Larson's character, I really hope they do something different than a damsel in distress that Kong or Tom Hiddleston needs to save. Give her a gun and let her kill monsters. Give her an interesting personality. And don't let her be taken by Kong.

2. Less Drama, More Action

It's getting hot in here!
It's getting hot in here!

Rather than a bunch of sailors with tommy guns, we now have a group of soldiers — led by Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hiddleston — who are equipped with some heavy artillery and helicopters, which shows that the humans are definitely going to put up more of a fight in this version. (Nice!) It also makes me believe that the humans are going to be the characters we root for, while Kong is more of a villain this time around.

While I loved the 2005 version, I won't deny that I was bored out of my mind for the first hour, because it was all on a boat, focusing on the romance between the two leads. The action set pieces in the 2005 version were amazing, but as soon as they were over, the movie would slow down to a crawl.

For Kong: Skull Island, spend a good 10 minutes setting up the plot and characters, and then immediately get right onto the island fighting monsters, avoiding hazards and dealing with Kong.

3. Never Leave Skull Island

I cannot say this any more clearly: do not and I mean do NOT bring Kong to New York City. Again, we've seen it three times now. This is just my personal opinion, but the instant any of the previous King Kong movies have cut to New York City, it immediately killed them for me.

The movie is called Kong: Skull Island, so let's keep it on Skull Island throughout the running time and end with the main characters fleeing the island.

4. Make It Scary

I hope those two were wearing brown pants.
I hope those two were wearing brown pants.

The tone of the trailer was definitely not that of an action movie but more of an eerie thriller. Much like Gareth Edwards's Godzilla, I think they should make all of the creatures (including Kong) scary, because we are dealing with giant apes, spiders the size of trees, and whatever other monsters appear in this movie. These things would be terrifying, so I would love to see a good balance of horror and action in this version of the story.

5. Don't Cut Out the Good Parts

I loved the monsters and dinosaurs in the 2005 movie, but one little problem: there weren't enough of them! However, there are some awesome deleted scenes featuring great-looking monsters in a swamp. Yes, they actually cut down a movie that was three and a half hours long.

So with Kong: Skull Island, I can only ask Legendary to not cut this movie down. We don't need another Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad situation; just let the movie be and don't cut out any good scenes for running time, especially if they'll ruin the movie when left out.

I have so much anticipation for this upcoming giant monster movie, but what about you? Let us know in the comments how you want Kong: Skull Island to be different!


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