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Richard Ogawa

Since launching in 2008, Hulu has been continuously redefining the way TV lovers watch TV. And what started as a web-only service has since expanded to living room, gaming consoles, mobile phones and tablets, and even VR, allowing users to watch their shows and movies whenever they want, however they want.

But there’s still a group of us who love watching Hulu on our laptops, whether it’s minimized and tucked behind an excel sheet during our “lunch break,” or at home in bed while procrastinating paying bills. And rightfully so – there are a handful of features that are exclusive to web viewing.

Here are six sexy pro tips you may not know about that will make your web experience even more enjoyable:

1. Popping Out Your Screen

For some of us lucky folk, watching Hulu is an integral part of our workday. But cluttering our limited desktop with a full web browser isn’t always conducive to the professional multi-tasker. Take advantage of the “pop-out” function by hovering over the cogwheel on the bottom right of the player and select “pop-out.” A brand-new player-only window will appear that you can drag and resize to your heart’s content.

You’re welcome.

2. Closed Captioning

Sometimes it's not ideal to have your sound up or your headphones on. Or sometimes you could use a little help understanding a thick Essex accent. That’s where the closed-captioning tool comes in extra handy.

And what’s great is that you can customize everything from text font, color, and size to background color and transparency. Just hit the options button after hovering over the cogwheel and go wild.

You’re welcome.

3. 10 Second Rewind

Missed the punch line? Need a second listen of that thick Essex accent? Want to relive that hilarious moment again and again (and again)? No worries. To the left of your viewing progress bar in the player control panel is a “10 Second Rewind” button that does just that. [click] No worries. To the left of your viewing progress bar in the player control panel is a “10 Second Rewind” button that does just that.

You’re welcome.

4. Watchlist

A fairly new product addition, Watchlist is the one-stop shop to help keep track of everything you’re watching. But something that might not be obvious is that if you click the word “Watchlist” on your homepage, you’re taken to a Watchlist page customized entirely to you.

Here you can see things in your list that are expiring soon, videos you’ve saved individually (hover over an episode or clip thumbnail and click the little plus in the bottom right corner to add), and everything else in your Watchlist presented in a pretty grid.

Adding shows to your Watchlist is super easy too. From any tray collection of shows, hover over a show thumb and click the green checkmark in the bottom right corner – or just watch a full episode of any show and it will add it to your Watchlist. To remove a show from your Watchlist, hover over the bottom right and click the “x.”

You’re welcome.

5. Recommendations

You might have noticed show recommendations on your homepage, but there’s also a dedicated recommendations page if you’d like to see why a show might be a good fit for you. In the navigation bar up top, click the ellipsis and select “recommendations.” On this page, you’ll even see an option to respond to whether you’re interested or not, helping the recommendation engine to make better choices for you going forward.

You’re welcome.

6. Sharing Is Caring

What’s better than watching your favorite shows? Sharing them with your friends, of course! Okay, so maybe it’s not quite a hack, but the share buttons at the bottom of the viewer make it super easy to post episodes, clips, and movies on Twitter, and Facebook or share via e-mail. Sometimes, a video is the best way to express your current affairs.

You’re welcome.


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