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Warning: Hello, friend. You probably know why you're here, but if you don't, then let me remind you that this article contains major spoilers from Season 2, Episode 10 of Mr. Robot. If you haven't caught up then I'd advise you return to the previous page. I trust you.

The latest episode of Mr. Robot was nothing short of explosive: Dominique got closer than ever in the Fsociety investigation and even tracked down Cisco, leading to a shoot out at a food establishment. Mr. Robot and Elliot are having trust issues again and who walked up to Angela at the end of the episode? The two part season finale begins next week, but before we start worrying about who made it through alive, let's take a look at several things that you possibly missed from "eps2.8_h1dden-pr0cess.axx".

1. What Is Mr. Robot Hiding?

Can Mr Robot be trusted?
Can Mr Robot be trusted?

Mr. Robot previously told Elliot that Tyrell Wellick is dead, however the latest episode found them at a crossroads — Joanna wanted Elliot's help to track down her husband and Mr. Robot vanished at the mere mention of Tyrell. Does this mean that Mr. Robot was lying to Elliot this whole time and that Tyrell is, indeed, alive?

Either way, Elliot noticed the fact that Mr. Robot vanished and has now become wary of trusting him. Mr. Robot clearly knows more than he is letting on but as of yet we — and Elliot — have no idea what that is. Angela told Elliot that the authorities will eventually catch up to him and that listening to Mr. Robot probably isn't the best idea and it's becoming more and more obvious that she may have a point. Will Mr. Robot turn up next week in time for the finale?

2. Interactivity With The Viewer

Did you notice anything in Elliot's apartment?
Did you notice anything in Elliot's apartment?

In a rather odd moment, Elliot trusted the voice in his head — us — to scope out his apartment in search of a clue. He became aware that Mr. Robot was hell bent on getting back to the old apartment so this made Elliot suspicious of Mr. Robot's intentions.

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The camera panned out very much like a video game and it was up to us to discover any clues that we could see in the apartment. There has always been a connection between Elliot and the viewer, but I thought it was rather interesting and perhaps even groundbreaking that we were actually able to participate this week.

3. How Did The Dark Army Know Where Cisco Was?

Dominique continues searching or answers.
Dominique continues searching or answers.

One thing that really bugged me was how did the Dark Army know where Cisco was? Dominique spent the entire episode trying to convince her boss of the best way to handle the operation, only he disagreed. Time after time, it was shown that he should've listened to Dom as she clearly knew what she was doing. However, Dom took the initiative and handled things on her own, finding Cisco and Darlene dining at a local restaurant. She radioed for back up and headed to the food establishment.

When Dom entered the premises, two Dark Army minions arrived outside and gunned down the people currently still in the restaurant — they wanted Cisco dead since he was now all over the news. Dom survived, but we don't know whether Darlene or Cisco did. How did the Dark Amy know of their whereabouts at this moment in time — is there a mole in the FBI perhaps?

We found out a lot about Joanna this week.
We found out a lot about Joanna this week.

With only two episodes left, Mr. Robot has been pulling out all the stops for an explosive finale and, after an incredible ending this week, it seems to be achieving that goal. Will Dom find Fsociety? Is Mobley and Trenton still alive? Furthermore, is Tyrell Wellick actually alive? Can Mr. Robot be trusted?

All theses questions and more are set to be answered over the course of the next two episodes. Season 2 races toward its conclusion and I can't wait to see what will happen next. Until next week, friend.

Mr. Robot airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on USA.

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