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American Horror Story is known for its anthological style and constantly changing themes, but the upcoming sixth season has been shrouded in ambiguity. With less than a week to go until its premiere, the theme of the season still has not been released, but that hasn't stopped fans from attempting to figure it out.

If you're a devoted American Horror Story fan like myself, then you'll appreciate the usual hardship of waiting a whole year for each season, but this year's creative decision to keep the theme under wraps has only intensified that anticipation.

Fear not my fellow horror fanatics, you're not the only ones who just can't wait until premiere night to find out what the theme is — we must continue try and figure it out for ourselves! There are plenty of neat little tricks and tactics you can use to help figure out the unknown, so here's a little guide to help you out.

Rewatch The Previous Seasons

One thing about series creator Ryan Murphy is that he is a tease and has been known to incorporate hints and clues about subsequent seasons of American Horror Story within the season that is airing at the time.

For example, while American Horror Story: Coven was airing, there were several fans who worked out that the next season would feature clowns and carnivals due to some clues that Murphy dropped during Coven — most notably, the shadow that Myrtle cast during her execution created the face of a clown. What better way to figure out the new theme of the show than re-watching the older seasons in search for clues?

Noticing clues on "American Horror Story" like.
Noticing clues on "American Horror Story" like.

It's also worth noting that all of the seasons are connected. Murphy confirmed this himself and we witnessed the first example when Asylum characters started appearing in Freak Show — Sister Mary Eunice, Pepper and Briarcliff Asylum all showed up.

In fact, one of the teaser trailers for Season 6 also alluded to the connectivity of all of the seasons which must mean that Season 6 will finally be the season to tie them all together. At the very least, there will be a large emphasis on connectivity, so there is definitely a chance that the previous seasons will have many clues to offer about the new theme. Get your detective caps on, my fellow AHS fans.

Analyze The Teasers

American Horror Story is known for its ambiguous teaser trailers every year — some of them appear to have little relevance to the actual theme of the show — but all of this year's teasers appear to be completely different from one another. It's an obvious attempt to throw viewers of the scent and perhaps make them more confused than ever, but the truth is is that you can't keep a good AHS fan down for long.

There have been rumors that one of the many teasers contain the actual theme, but as of yet we have no idea which one that is. Furthermore, Lady Gaga recently alluded to the fact that all of the teasers have been a "perfect illusion." It could be another attempt to throw viewers off the trail or perhaps the show creators are just really trying to mess with our heads. Nice try, but we're not giving up.

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The hunt will continue until the premiere date, but rewatching all of the previous teaser trailers is definitely worth a shot — who knows what you might find out?

Check Out Some Fan Theories

One of the best things about the internet is that everybody feels the need to offer their opinion — fan theories are one of the most common uses of the internet in today's day and age. Whether you love or hate spoilers, there is no denying that fan theories make the anticipation of upcoming shows far more interesting — take Game Of Thrones for example, a show that practically thrives on fan theories.

When the "American Horror Story" fan theories start to make sense.
When the "American Horror Story" fan theories start to make sense.

A quick search online will find you some great American Horror Story fan theories. There are several that discuss how each season is connected to the others, for example. One Reddit user suggests that each season is a story being told around a camp fire — each by a different person and that all of the returning actors are actually the people telling the story. This would be an extremely plausible way to connect all of the seasons together.

Another example of a popular fan theory is, as reported by another Reddit user, that Elsa Mars and Sister Jude (both of whom were played by Jessica Lange in Freak Show and Asylum) are actually twins. We know that these two seasons are definitely connected because of Pepper's existence in both — she also later arrived at Briarcliff during Freak Show, which would set up the events of Asylum. This theory would also account for Pepper being close to both women.

Fan theories can make you question everything you know about the show. American Horror Story's creators may be doing everything they can to keep the theme a secret, but nobody said that we can't do some digging on our own.

Throwing shade at the "American Horror Story" creators.
Throwing shade at the "American Horror Story" creators.

You'll also find that there are people who actually break down the teaser trailers and read between the lines to come up with some incredibly plausible ideas for what the theme could be for Season 6. If you cannot take this waiting game, then cheat. Even if the theories turn out to be false, they are incredibly engaging reads and have the ability to get you re-invested in the crazy, bloodthirsty world of American Horror Story.

Search For American Horror Story On Social Media

One of the best ways to keep up to date with all of the latest goings on in the world of American Horror Story is to search up key terms on social media — terms like AHS, American Horror Story, Lady Gaga or Jessica Lange. Not only will you get the latest buzz and news from the show, but you'll see other people's ideas and hopes for the show. It's nice to be part of such a community, no matter how obsessed we are, then we can share in that obsession with others — it's like being in Briarcliff!

With less than a week to go, there will most likely be more information available as we approach the premiere date. Get your ledgers out, fellow AHS fans, there may be some key information coming your way soon.

Yes. Yes we are.
Yes. Yes we are.

With the mystery surrounding the sixth season of American Horror Story, there isn't much information available but don't let the AHS creators put you off — keep searching for clues, you never know, you could be the one to figure out the theme. Use these neat tricks to decipher the theme for yourself, or better yet use a combination of them all.

With less than a week to go until the big premiere and the big reveal, all we can do is step up our game and continue to decipher. And of course, regardless of the actual theme, it's great to almost have American Horror Story back. It's that time of year again. Happy hunting American Horror Story nerds!

When you realize there is less than a week to go until the premiere of "American Horror Story."
When you realize there is less than a week to go until the premiere of "American Horror Story."

Do you have any ideas about American Horror Story Season 6? Have you worked out the theme? Tell me all of your crazy ideas and theories in the comment section below.


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