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2016 has been a great year for horror and there's something about the advent of the fall season that opens people up to the possibility of spookiness. American Horror Story continues to tease away at its premise, but there's a new horror anthology show on the block and it's being refreshingly straightforward in how it plans to freak us out.

Syfy's Channel Zero: Candle Cove is based on the creepypasta story "Candle Cove" about a man who reaches out to an online forum to track down information on a show he watched as a child. A few people chime in with their memories of the show, which sounds more and more bizarre and creepy the further their memories gets jogged. Eventually they uncover a shared experience that is beyond frightening and that gets at the very nature of our nightmares.

Syfy has just released a few teasers to get us extra horror-hyped for the show and it appears that they'll be borrowing heavily from that terrifying tale for Candle Cove Season 1. One hails back to the original Candle Cove creepypasta origins and the other (which you can see above and below) introduces an entirely new (and equally nightmarish) new character.

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Do You Remember Jawbone?

Paul Schneider plays the nostalgic adult trying to make sense of his memories of a childhood TV show. Looks like his friends aren't as disturbed and haunted by these memories as he is. Also interesting to note the change in the name of the show's main villain, Skin-Taker, to Jawbone. His catch phrase also appears to be have been altered. In the original story he explains his sideways-moving jaw explaining it's "to grind your skin." Not that "skin your hide" isn't also quite alarming.

Feeding The Tooth Child

Here we're introduced to an element not present in the original Candle Cove story, but equally freaky. A person/child made entirely out of human teeth. Why anyone would voluntarily offer their hand to such a creature is beyond me. The technical achievement is certainly impressive, though, and if we're to expect similar visuals in the entire series, this should get interesting.

Dinner With The Tooth Child

This is by far the scariest of the teasers. As if we haven't had enough close-ups of this tooth-covered kid, here's another scene of him sitting down to dinner, with a friend who appears to be pulling his teeth out of his own mouth. If the imagery doesn't get you in this clip, the cracking sound of teeth being forcefully removed certainly will.

I'd say we're in for something new and disturbing based on what we've seen so far from Channel Zero. With the wide world of the internet providing scary stories in original formats, the show will have no shortage of inspiration. And based on what they've shown us thus far, we've already got enough imagery to populate our own nightmares.

Channel Zero: Candle Cove premieres September 27 on Syfy.


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