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Sometimes I wonder if we're going to make it until October 23, when The Walking Dead returns with its Season 7! It seems every week, a new theory appears, or one of the cast says something cryptic that gets broken down by dozens of articles. This has never been more true than with the half a dozen theories about who Negan killed in the Season 6 finale.

I'd like to welcome you to the latest theory/breaking down of a statement by a cast member!

WARNING: Before anything else is said, please beware: Spoilers for The Walking Dead, specifically Season 7, are below.

Still with me? Great. So I'll just lay out my theory right now for everyone to read: Maggie and her unborn child were the ones who died by Negan's bat.

It's morbid, I know. And The Walking Dead theories are a dime a dozen. But let's review all the facts, half-facts, and rumors, and make some logical sense of this.

Greg Nicotero DID Say "Deaths," Not "Death"

In an interview with EW, the executive producer himself mentioned the word "deaths" when discussing the Season 6 finale.

"If we would have shown the deaths, then they wouldn’t have felt our characters in Season 7 the way they need to.”

Whether or not it was a slip, or he did it on purpose just to throw us off, this is the internet, dammit, and we're running with the "he slipped" angle. Which means that it will be revealed that not one, but two (...or more?) characters were killed by Negan and Lucille. Abraham and Glenn seem to be at the top of the list of the dying duos followed by Glenn and Maggie, and many other possible combinations. To have death number one be a woman, something that Negan hasn't done in the comics until recently, would be quite the shocker — but he has done it. And as it's hard to think that Maggie being killed wouldn't result in death number two being her unborn child? Massively brutal.

Where In The World Is Lauren Cohan?

Lauren Cohan as Maggie
Lauren Cohan as Maggie

One of the biggest clues to who survives Lucille and who doesn't comes from The Spoiling Dead Fans, who never fail when it comes to bringing us high-quality spoilers. They say on their Facebook page that out of all the actors seen on set, the ones seen the least are Steven Yeun (Glenn), Lauren Cohan (Maggie), and Michael Cudlitz (Abraham). From that alone, as long as the actors aren't filming in some top secret location, it's safe to assume that one, two, or even all three of their days are numbered.

Everything Belongs To Negan


And by everything, it really means everything, including absolute control of all situations. Glenn's little outburst during Negan's big Season 6 finale speech makes you think that maybe he would kill Glenn, but now Negan has a pretty good (and plenty twisted) reason to kill Maggie: punishment for Glenn.

Going a little deeper, along with all their stuff belonging to Negan, you could say that everyone's fear, hatred, hopelessness, and loyalty now also belong to him. It's how you rule through fear; first you break the spirits of both your subjects and your opposition. And nothing would break Glenn's spirit more than the love of his life and their unborn child being slaughtered in cold blood because he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

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With Rick already hellbent on taking him down, and now maybe Glenn, Negan will be the proud owner of a huge target on his back in Season 7, one that might ultimately get his throat slashed and him thrown in a jail cell.

Rick Would Have A New Blood Brother

Baptism by blood. This article explains one of the most gruesome aspects of the show pretty well. It posits that once you've been baptized, or covered in some form in another person's blood, you change as a person in The Walking Dead. Just like being baptized by holy water in church, only it's a whole hell of a lot ickier and harder to wash off.

Rick has been baptized in blood in pretty much every season of the show, most recently at Hilltop with his now-famous line, "What?"

Uh. You've got some...stuff...on your face.
Uh. You've got some...stuff...on your face.

With Glenn, it's been more recent a bloody baptism, with him killing his first living person in the bunker just last season. Then, of course, there was Nicholas blowing his brains out all over both of them, a scene that was among the most horrifying in a show full of them.

But with the death of Maggie, Glenn and Rick would have something else that forever links them: losing their wives. Losing an unborn child certainly would kick up the sympath-o-meter for Glenn, and he would need someone like Rick, who has been there before, to help him get through it all.

Plus, it looks like Daryl is going to be spending some time with The Saviors at their compound, so Rick will need a new "brother" to hang out with for a while. And that couldn't really happen if Maggie and the baby were around, as all of Glenn's time would understandably be focused on them.

The death of Maggie and the unborn baby would be brutal, shocking even, and it would absolutely devastate fans. But, much like fellow murder-happy show Game of Thrones, some of the most hated deaths can provide for some of the most profound development of other characters and moving the story forward in a big way. Maggie being killed by Negan would be the single greatest example of this in all six seasons of the show so far.


Who do YOU think Negan killed?


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