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Suicide Squad, despite bad reviews and various production troubles, has showed remarkable staying power at the Box Office, staying in the top five for a sixth week in a row, ranking last weekend just behind Sully, When The Bough Breaks, and Don't Breathe. Due to its combination of iconic characters (The Joker), genuine movie stars (Will Smith), and an aggressive marketing campaign, Suicide Squad has been slowly moving up the ranks of the highest grossing films of all time, having just earned over $700 million worldwide.

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But what do these numbers mean, and where does Suicide Squad rank now? Let's take a look.

Box Office Rank

Suicide Squad is already ranking as the 86th highest grossing film worldwide, sandwiched below The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and above The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Domestically, it has grossed $307 million dollars, ranking it just below Return of the Jedi and above Independence Day at 56th, keeping some truly awesome company. Ranking above Independence Day means that it is now Will Smith's biggest ever film. However, adjusted for domestic inflation, in which ticket sales for previous years are priced up to the current $8.66 average, Suicide Squad is yet to break into the top 200.

How Does it Rank in 2016?

Talking Animals Were Big This Year
Talking Animals Were Big This Year

As movies get bigger and bigger, and fans go out in their millions to watch the latest blockbuster offerings, recent years have seen some truly huge film events: So even in the comparatively boring winter and summer of 2016 there have been eight films ranking in the Worldwide Top 100. Frustratingly for DC, Suicide Squad is resting at number eight, behind family-friendly hits such as Zootopia, The Secret Life of Pets, The Jungle Book and Finding Dory. Maybe it should have featured more talking animals?

Where Does It Rank In Relation To Other Superhero Movies?

As you probably know, superhero movies do extremely well at the box office, three of them (the Avengers films and Iron Man 3) even breaking into the all-time top ten. So despite Suicide Squad ranking rather well as the 86th highest grossing film of all time, as a superhero film, it still ranks below films such as The Dark Knight and Spiderman 3 to be the 17th highest superhero movie. In terms of 2016 alone it is the fourth highest superhero movie, disappointingly for DC, behind two Marvel offerings, Captain America: Civil War and Deadpool, and fellow DC movie Batman v Superman. Suicide Squad seems highly unlikely now to catch BvS, which ranks as the 8th highest superhero movie, 2nd highest this year, and the 47th highest general movie overall.

What Does This Mean?

Who Are These Guys?
Who Are These Guys?

It seems, like with Guardians of The Galaxy, that adaptations of more obscure comic books can provide huge box office draw if the truly compelling nature of the characters comes across in trailers and teasers. Yet with the enormous price tag of $175 million attached to Suicide Squad, as well as the many millions spent on promotion, and with a box office still lagging well behind Marvel, DC won't help but feel that Suicide Squad could and should have done better. Given that they have finally opened in Japan to $3.6 million, which is traditionally the last territory for American films, there is nowhere else for Suicide Squad to really go, meaning that its rank should stay more or less the same.

Nevertheless with these kinds of numbers behind the film, executives are looking to make a sequel. Hopefully this time it will have more Joker!

Did Suicide Squad Deserve To Do Better?


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