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There has been a lot of talk lately about a Spice Girls reunion tour, mostly owing to the fact that three of the five original band members got together this month and taunted us with pictures via Instagram.

Mel B, Emma, and Geri
Mel B, Emma, and Geri

The last time all five girls got together for a round of shows was in 2007, roughly 10 years after Geri (a.k.a Ginger Spice) left the girl power group. As recently as this year, however, Mel B (Scary Spice) let loose the news that we've all been waiting for — it's time for a Spice Girls reunion. As she told Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper:

“This would be the perfect year [for a reunion], but places get booked out this year, so what we’ll hopefully do is, we’re planning on doing something to celebrate next year. It’s something we want to do and it would be nice to celebrate and give thanks to all the fans. I’m not getting any younger, so let’s hurry up and get this done.”

Although another 10-year reunion would surely send '90s fans into a frenzy, this month Mel C. (Sporty Spice) took to Love Magazine to say that, along with Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice), she won't be going on tour to celebrate the Spice Girls' 20th anniversary. Instead, Geri, Emma and Mel B are coming together to form Spice Girls-GEM to celebrate with fans.

Whether we ever get a full reunion tour or not, there are still plenty of ways to spice up your life with Spice memories: listening to their albums on repeat for a long car ride, looking through your old Spice Girls memorabilia (I still have a bag full of stuff), or taking a look at these five Spice Girls films for a blast from the past. Yes, it's time to reconsider the Spice Girls' cinematic legacy!

'Spice World' (1997)

You all knew this one was coming. Spice World is the best worst film out there. It was named one of the 100 Most Enjoyably Bad Movies Ever Made for the Golden Raspberry Award. The ratings might be bad (3.3/10 on IMDb and 29% of Rotten Tomatoes), but the comedic film was meant to represent the girls' crazy life during the Spice Girl phenomenon.

True Spice Girls fans watch this masterpiece shamelessly every few years to relive the Spice glory days — and to sing along to their infamous '90s pop songs, of course.

'Spice Girls in America: A Tour Story' (1999)

This long-forgotten documentary was made just weeks after Geri left the group, and it follows the girls on the American leg of their tour. They landed in Miami at the end of 1998 to a sold-out show. At the time, the Spice Girls were a new spectacle in the States (having already conquered Europe and many Asian countries), but onlookers described them as something parallel to the Beatles.

This documentary shows the Spice Girls behind the scenes of their tour. If you missed a concert, it’s like getting the real experience, plus a behind-the-scenes exclusive: out of the 160 people involved with the Spice Girls tour, plenty of them show up in this film to discuss setting the stage with production managers, lighting, sound and even the catering crew.

The girls had had a hard time adjusting to the American tour because they were away from their family and friends for six months with only three weeks downtime in between. They divulge that the "real" Spice Bus was crew of 12 sharing one tight space.

During the film, it's clear that the girls are blissfully unaware of how much of an impact they will continue to make on the world.

'Raw Spice: The Unofficial Story Of The Making Of The Spice Girls' (2001)

Watching this film is like hopping into a time machine back to the 1990s, which is fantastic. It reveals how the idea for an all-girl band, in a time where boy bands ruled the pop music world, came from 23-year-old Chris Herbert. My personal favorite part was seeing the girls' original audition tapes and seeing their innocent 19-year-old selves bubbling with ambition.

The film also reveals the fact that Emma was not part of the original five. An interview with former band member Michelle Stephenson tells viewers that she pardoned herself from the now-infamous pop group after realizing she didn't fit in with the other girls and because of family issues.

Audiences of this film will notice that the secret to the Spice Girls' success was their personalities; they were just being themselves. There was no lead singer and they were relatable because their style was easy and cheap, and each girl had something unique to offer with her own personality.

'Giving You Everything' (2007)

This documentary was made exclusively for the 10-year Spice Girls reunion tour in 2007. It was the last time all five of the original bandmates performed together (little did anyone anticipate that the girls would reunite for the 2012 London Olympics).

Looking back, the Spice Girls say that the whole experience was surreal; they were just along for the ride. While many suspected "Wannabe" (and the Spice Girls) to be a one-hit wonder, "Say You’ll Be There," the R&B (yet still mainstream) number skyrocketed the band's potential. It was clear tthe Spice Girls were going somewhere.

The girls tell all in this documentary. Geri even discloses her thoughts on leaving the band and why she did it:

“I remember knowing in my heart days approaching that I was going to leave….I just felt empty and that I had given them everything that I could.”

Giving You Everything shows Emma remembering the filming of Spice World as a time when she wore a bunch of different outfits, sang songs, and didn’t get much sleep. During the filming of Spice World, the girls also wrote their second album.

In less than a year, the Spice Girls escalated to be worth £100 million. They lived a teenage girl's ultimate dream and showed people that you can go out there and make your dreams come true. Just five normal girls with normal backgrounds turned into one of the last century's most influential bands. Giving You Everything shows the girls reuniting for the first time since those early days.

Even though Victoria isn't joining the girls for the 2017 reunion, she still holds the Spice Girls close to her heart

“I think out of all the girls it’s myself and Geri who probably appreciate being in the group more than anybody. Not because of the music, but literally just on a personal level about having our friends around us.”

'Spice Girls: 20 Years of Spice' (2016 Documentary)

This documentary is really a collaboration of all the films above, but it's a great place to end to combine all of the spicy facts together. The Spice Girls represented girl power, music and rebelliousness with all their tattoos. Out of the 400 girls who auditioned for a mysterious girl pop group in 1993, the five chosen would later be known as the Spice Girls (a name that Ginger Spice actually came up with).

The secret behind the Spice nicknames comes out in this film (Scary, Baby, Ginger, Sport, Posh). The story is simple: a lazy journalist couldn’t remember all their names so he gave them nicknames — and the girls liked it.

The film explores the solo careers of the girls, from Geri's album to Mel B on Dancing with the Stars. Victoria, well-known for her reserved demeanor, came out with a solo album that showed a different side of her. Geri and Emma both participated in Sports Relief. Mel C joined the judges on Asias Got Talent and her unique and recognizable voice has been selling albums as recently as 2012. Victoria and soccer star husband, David Beckham, joined forces to bring her passion for fashion to life and earned her the Designer Brand of the Year award. Victoria has grown into a powerhouse in women’s fashion, showing how ambition can drive women everywhere.

There was also a Viva Forever Musical in 2012, based on one of the songs that holds a special place for all of the Spice Girls.

Why They REALLY Spiced Up Our Lives

What makes the Spice Girls unparalleled to any modern solo female artist is that they were a team, a group, with the common chant "girl power" that expressed the sanctity and importance of friendship and women sticking together. It wasn’t the power of one solo performance, but how a group of unlikely girls came together to bring worldwide inspiration to an entire generation.

It's why the Spice Girls are still a huge success today, and why fans are still clamoring for a Spice Girls reunion. We need to be reminded of that girl power and learn to stick together as women. Spice Girls will always symbolize and bring back times of happiness, empowerment and friendship.

I could go on, but there is no short supply of Spice Girls films, so you’ll have to venture over to YouTube to see those films for yourself!


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