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Ever since the trend of post-credits became common place in superhero movies, theater employees all over the world have waited patiently as frenzied fans desperately watch the credits until the very end to receive a tiny glimpse into the future of their favorite superhero franchises. Sometimes these post-credit scenes are wonderful and everybody understands what's been hinted at; other times, however, most people leave the theater scratching their heads wondering why that big purple guy grabbed the fancy glove. On the latter end of the spectrum, X-Men: Age of Apocalypse had just such a post-credit scene. Only eagle-eyed comic book lovers understood the meaning of it. If you didn't quite get it, this is a solid breakdown:

After months of waiting, director Bryan Singer clarified the true meaning of the Age of Apocalypse scene and when to expect that teaser to come to fruition. In a special features commentary for the movie, Bryan Singer confirmed that X-Men supervillain Mister Sinister will star as a antagonist in the upcoming Wolverine 3 starring Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart. Over the course of his existence, Mister Sinister has done some pretty messed up stuff. Being marked as one of the greatest X-Men villains of all time, it's only fitting that Mister Sinister has a long and dirty laundry list of sickening moments. Today, we'll be counting down the seven most disturbing things Mister Sinister has ever done.

7. Kidnapping And Experimenting On Homeless People

Sinister and the Marauders
Sinister and the Marauders

Before Mister Sinister was known by his supervillain name, he was a scientist obsessed with the theory of evolution. Born as Nathaniel Essex (thus the name of Essex Corp) in the 19th century, the man who would eventually be called Mister Sinister conducted some ethically questionable experiments. Often regarded as one of the greatest scientists of his time, Essex was shunned from the scientific community for his utter disregard for human life. Taking matters into his own hands, Essex joined a group of like-minded folks who called themselves the Marauders. This group of sinister people began kidnapping all sorts of so-called "freaks" that happened to be down on their luck. However, Essex's slew of bad ideas motivated by his love of science didn't stop there.

  • Crimes: Kidnapping, conspiracy, human trafficking, at least manslaughter
  • Level of awful: Pretty damn awful — and similar to experiments actual governments have done in reality.

6. Leaving His Pregnant Wife To Continue His Unorthodox Experiments

Mister Sinister has never let personal ties get in the way of furthering the development of the scientific world. One of the more heartbreaking things Sinister did in his long lifetime was abandoning his pregnant wife to carry out experiments with the oldest mutant around: En Sabah Nur, better known as Apocalypse. To make matters worse, the couple had already lost a child when the boy was a mere four years old. Fear not, however, for Sinister recognized his error and went to his wife's side. Too late! Sinster's wife has already given birth to a premature child, freed all of Sinister's captives, and decided her husband was a monster. Her last words to him? "To me, you are... utterly… and contemptibly… sinister!" From those words Nathaniel Essex took his mutant name when Apocalypse granted him powers and immortality.

  • Crimes: Failed child support, child abandonment, being a generally awful parent
  • Level of awful: Honestly, his wife was better off without him, so probably the least awful thing he's done.

5. Responsible For The "Mutant Massacre"

The Death of the Morlocks
The Death of the Morlocks

If kidnapping people, abandoning his wife and unborn child, and aligning himself with Apocalypse isn't bad enough for you, how about wiping out an entire race of people? Now, it shouldn't be too surprising that a man who worked as a scientist for the Nazis would like the idea of genocide. Again working with the Marauders, this time leading the group of mutant assassins, Mister Sinister sought to wipe out a group of mutants called Morlocks who had found safe haven in underground hiding spots. Hundreds of Morlocks were murdered in the onslaught. Some of the biggest consequences of the massacre were Gambit's expulsion from the X-Men (Sinister had hired him to assemble the Marauders), Angel being crucified and having his wings amputated, Colossus losing the ability to move his limbs, and the new leader of the Morlocks, a mutant known as Masque, disfiguring all of the remaining Morlocks by utilizing his powers of flesh manipulation, driving the poor souls insane.

  • Crime: Conspiracy, murder, genocide, torture, way too many to list
  • Level of awful: It's actually hard to wrap the mind around the horror of driving an entire race insane and then slaughtering them.

4. Created An Underground City...Of Clones Of Himself

How many clones is too many?
How many clones is too many?

On the surface, it might seem odd that building your own city ranks so high on the list. That is, however, before you realize that this city is inhabited almost completely by clones of Mister Sinister himself. Maybe he's extremely egotistical (which he is) and just loves being surrounded by people that remind him of himself. The other people that keep Mister Sinister happy in his subterranean home are clones of his favorite mutants. Namely Cyclops (with whom Mister Sinister has had a weird fascination ever since Scott Summers was a boy), Madelyne Pryor (who we will get to in a second), Gambit, and Mystique, among others. These numerous clones all comply with Mister Sinister's every whim, which is more often than not completely bonkers.

  • Crimes: Kidnapping? Illegal experimentation? I don't know — still weird.
  • Level of awful: Since you can assume he created his clones to be subservient and mindless, it's not quite as awful as his other crimes. Still a dick move.

3. Cloning Jean Grey For The Sole Purpose Of Getting Frisky With Cyclops

I love you because you look like my dead girlfriend
I love you because you look like my dead girlfriend

This is the part of the list where we go from pretty evil to downright creepy and utterly disturbing. Shortly after his debut in Uncanny X-Men, Mister Sinister's "creep factor" skyrocketed in the crossover event Inferno. Over the course of the story, it is revealed that Mister Sinister cloned Cyclops' dead lover, Jean Grey, for the purpose of conceiving a child. This clone would be known as Madelyne Pryor and would soon wed Scott Summers (the secret identity of Cyclops) then have a child with him who they would name Nathan. If this wasn't already disturbing, Nathan is named after an orphan Scott knew from his days in the orphanage. Why is that disturbing? Nathan (the orphan, not the baby) turned out to be Mister Sinister himself, who had been creepily obsessed with everything Scott did since they were young.

To make matters worse, neither Scott nor Madelyne realized she was a clone of Jean Grey. The characters actually have many martial arguments over the fact that Scott is, in part, in love with her due to her uncanny resemblance to Jean. Now, it might not seem clear why Mister Sinister would want Cyclops and Madelyne to have a child together. It seems like just a weird kink. However, remember, Mister Sinister was an evolutionist, and what's a higher pinnacle of evolution than mutants? He had been obsessed with creating the ultimate mutant his entire life and in his mind the combination of Jean Grey's genes (who was in possession of the Phoenix Force) and Scott Summers would result in a mutant of immeasurable power. Was he correct? That is up for debate; after all, Nathan Summers is the time-traveling badass now known as Cable (who will be making his live action debut in Deadpool 2).

  • Crimes: More illegal human experimentation, secondhand false personation
  • Level of awful: On one hand, yay Cable! On the other hand, So much creepy no.

2. Attempting To Mate Jean Grey And Professor X

Does Scott have more than just Wolverine to worry about?
Does Scott have more than just Wolverine to worry about?

Madelyne Pryor wasn't Mister Sinister's only disturbing instance of "breeding" mutants. In the alternate world known as Mutant X, Mister Sinister secures the cocoon of Jean Grey (weird comic book stuff, I know). Jean was in the process of transforming into the mighty Phoenix and thus was in stasis while inside the cocoon. At this point in the story, Mister Sinister had also taken Professor X prisoner. At the time, Professor X had transformed from the wise leader we know into the villain known as Onslaught (again, weird comic book stuff; Onslaught is a psychic entity consisting of the minds of Professor X and Magneto). In typical Mister Sinister fashion, Onslaught and the Phoenix were meant to mate in order to create a powerful mutant, who arguably would have been 1000x stronger than Cable. Thankfully, Havok (the brother of Cyclops) stopped Mister Sinister just in time and we never had to witness Jean Grey and a Professor X/Magneto hybrid get it on.

  • Crimes: Say it with me — illegal human experimentation! Also kidnapping, theft.
  • Level of awful: I'm not sure even a licensed psychotherapist could help this guy with all his issues.

1. Digging Up His Dead Son To Perform Experiments

The gravestone of Mister Sinister's son
The gravestone of Mister Sinister's son

Everything up until this point has been, well, awful, but that's not the worst of it. Some things are pretty disturbing, like unethical research or breeding mutants, but they are nowhere near as spine-chilling as this: Mister Sinister dug up his dead son's body to perform experiments on it.

I'm with Dean on this one.
I'm with Dean on this one.

Let that sink in for a minute. His son, as I briefly mentioned above, died at the age of four from birth-related defects. Some might point to this moment of tragedy as the catalyst that finally pushed the scientist over the edge into madness. Yet, even the most heartbroken, grief-driven of people realize there is a line that shouldn't be crossed. And on the very far side of that line in "Do NOT Do This" Land is digging up your child's body for the sole purpose of experimentation. This was also all before Nathaniel Essex had aligned himself with Apocalypse and became Mister Sinister so he was still just a man at this point. However, that didn't stop him from digging up his son's body and putting it in an incubation tube for further testing. As for his wife? Let's just say things didn't turn out too well when she found out about his unorthodox experiments.

  • Crimes: Grave robbing, kidnapping? Definitely manslaughter, and, of course, his favorite — illegal human experimentation.
  • Level of awful: As far as a legal crime goes, not the worst thing he's ever done. As far as a moral crime goes...seriously, what is wrong with you, Essex?

Mister Sinister is sure to give Wolverine and Professor X a run for their money in the next installment to the ever growing X-Men Universe and honestly, I'm really curious to see what it will be like behind the scenes of this movie, like with Apocalypse:

Will he be quite as disturbing in Wolverine 3? Time will only tell. If his comic book history is anything to go off of, well the evidence is right here. Mister Sinister has done some pretty messed up things during his time and I'm sure he's set to do even more.


What X-Men villain do you most want to see join the cinematic universe?


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