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It appears that Warner Bros. might have listened to fans who wanted more of the Joker in Suicide Squad. In the wake of those criticisms, some news from an unexpected source might hint at Warner Bros. trying to make things right with DCEU fans disappointed that so many of Leto's scenes were cut.

As you might know, Justice League has been in production for a while now in London (where Leto was previously spotted) and it was recently revealed that the production was soon leaving London to shoot in a new location.

Did An Icelandic Tourism Site Just Give The Big Reveal Away?

The production is now moving to Westfjords, Iceland, in October. It's likely that filming is soon to be fully underway for "part two" of the Justice League project to hit in 2019. Along with a new location, we are apparently going to get quite a few new characters that weren't officially announced, specifically villains.

At least, that's according to the official travel website of the Djúpavík Village in Westfjords, which claims that more than 200 crew members will be on site in addition to several familiar DCEU actors appearing in the project. These actors include, but are not limited to, Amy Adams, Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, Jason Momoa, Willem Dafoe, J.K. Simmons, Jesse Eisenberg ... and Jared Leto.

Wait, Multiple Villains Are Joining Justice League?

Yes, you read that correctly. In addition to the casting of Julian Lewis Jones (rumored to be playing Steppenwolf), a few other DCEU alumni are apparently joining the production.

If this travel announcement turns out to be true, it would appear that Warner Bros. is not only including Lex Luthor in the Justice League movie(s), which was expected, but that Jared Leto's version of the Joker will also make an appearance at some point.

Obviously we don't know the extent of what role the Joker would play in Justice League or how involved he would be, but there are quite a few options as to how the inclusion would make sense.

How Could The Joker Play Into Justice League?

It might seem like a long shot or simply overcrowding of villains to include the Joker, but there are a few ways that he could realistically play into Justice League. Especially with the announcement of Deathstroke for The Batman, Warner Bros. is going to have to get creative to find ways of how to utilize Batman's biggest adversary into the DCEU.

First of all, the Joker likely won't be a main Justice League villain and that is something we just need to accept. With the inclusion of Steppenwolf alongside Lex Luthor and possibly Deathstroke, Justice League is going to have its fair share of villains.

It's a possibility that the Joker could be working with or for another villain, such as Lex Luthor. The fact that Lex Luthor and the Joker share a common interest in Arkham Asylum (as does Harley Quinn), I wouldn't have a hard time believing that they would enter some sort of agreement. Especially seeing how it was Batman's idea to transfer Luthor to Arkham Asylum, that would give him and the Joker something in common regarding a hatred of Batman. Sometimes revenge can be even sweeter when you're not the only one seeking it.

Another possibility would be using the Joker as nothing but a background character, yet again. Seeing how the second part of Justice League is going to hit on June 14, 2019, the Joker might simply be used as nothing more than a setup for a future film. Which, after all, is something that's already been used with Suicide Squad.

It's also worth mentioning that if we don't see the Joker until the second part of Justice League, his appearance would hit just before Harley Quinn's solo movie, which is rumored for November 2019. It's also thought by many that we will be getting another solo Batman movie after The Batman (rumored for 2018), so a Justice League cameo could also serve as a precursor for a future Batman project.

Nothing Is Officially Confirmed Yet

This is from an Icelandic tourism site, not an established Hollywood source for casting news like Variety, so let's keep things in perspective for now.

My guess is that if this is all true and Jared Leto is included in Justice League, he will pop up simply to make an appearance. I don't think the Joker will play any significant, main role in either installment of Justice League, especially after what happened with Suicide Squad.

However, I could be 100% wrong. If the theory surrounding a partnership with Lex Luthor turns out to be true, that would break a lot of walls down and would not only make the Joker a Batman villain, but a Superman villain as well.

If he turns out to be utilized in a more expansive role like that, it's a possibility that the lack of screentime in Suicide Squad really wasn't something we needed to worry about. It's also a possibility that some of the deleted scenes from Suicide Squad could be included in Justice League, but I wouldn't hold my breath. That's a whole other can of DCEU worms to open.

Justice League is coming to theaters on November 17, 2017.

[UPDATE 9-13-2016] Heroic Hollywood (via The Wrap) is reporting that the rumors of Jared Leto appearing in Justice League are false - at least for part one. Could the Joker possibly still appear in the second Justice League movie, which is filming simultaneously? Only time (or maybe a second Icelandic tourism website) will tell.


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