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We're less than a few hours away from the premiere of the all-new season of South Park, and we're all eagerly anticipating what over-the-top antics Trey Parker and Matt Stone have in store. What's so impressive is how this little animated comedy that no one thought would ever amount to anything in the '90s has made it to its 20th season, whereas most television series find it difficult just to make it five or six seasons.

South Park has done the unthinkable by making it this far. Which kind of makes me wonder...

Can 'South Park' Last Another 20 Seasons, Or Is This The Beginning Of The End?

The 20th season was originally supposed to mark the end of the series, which means Trey Parker and Matt Stone already had an ending in mind — but since Comedy Central has renewed South Park for another three seasons, the 20th now may have an even more important obligation to fill: to begin to close out the series.

Either way, the 20th season of South Park has the obligation to outdo last season's over-the-top comedic exploits. After two decades of hilarious, nonstop comedy, there isn't much territory left to explore, but that's never stopped Matt Stone and Trey Parker from trying with every new season — and if the series is in its final years, it now matters more than ever to honor their own legacy with cutting-edge episodes.

Season 19 Was Their Best In Years, So Expectations Are Sky High

Fans are expecting this 20th season milestone to deliver all the comedic hijinks it can. It's reasonable to fear that the show won't be able to top the previous season, widely hailed as a comeback, but when has South Park ever failed in delivering the outrageous comedy it's known for? (Never, in case you need an answer to that rhetorical question.)

South Park is known for not pulling any punches, and last season's entire arc on "PC" culture was excellently portrayed; it will undoubtedly be one of the most talked-about seasons for years to come, from the Canadian Donald Trump parody — which forced us to imagine what would happen if Canada decided they wanted to build a border to keep the United States out — to Cartman's beatdown at the hands of PC Principal.

Staying Topical Keeps The Show Relevant, And That's Not Changing

From exploring sensitive topics of social interest to exposing the lighter side of society's inadequacies, South Park is probably one of the only television series capable of portraying such a diverse array of controversial plot-threads while remaining beloved.

Even when they aren't commenting explicitly on elections (or on Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem protest like in the teaser above), an episode like "You're Not Yelping" reflects what's happening in the culture — and shows why Yelping isn't the best way to get preferential service in a restaurant, or else you just might get "the Yelper Special."

What's To Come In Season 20?

In addition to addressing the controversy over Kaepernick, it also appears that Mr. Garrison has taken his Donald Trump persona one step further. This time, he's campaigning for the president of the United States, of 'Merica.

Those are all the teases and promos for Season 20 available right now, but fans will soon finally get to see what outrageous antics Trey Parker and Matt Stone have in mind for the rest of the episodes. We will likely revisit "PC" culture and possibly see PC Principal brought back into the fold. We know Garrison is running for president... could PC Principal be his opposition?

Whatever happens, Season 20 just may challenge Season 19 for a spot as one of South Park's most memorable years ever.


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