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Internet personalities like Channel Awesome's the Nostalgia Critic have inspired many others to pick up and camera and do their own comical in-depth reviews of films both good and bad. One of these people is Ross Fearnley a.k.a. the Unusual Suspect, who in my opinion has not only made some of the best YouTube reviews of film but has also created many other enjoyable videos that I highly recommend you watch.

Now you might be wondering: Why should I go check out this random guy? Well, I'm here to give you several reasons to not only watch his videos but also subscribe to him.

1. Sung By Movies Videos

Famous songs recreated using clips from famous films? I know you probably are thinking it's been done before (and that is true) but Suspect's editing is top notch in these videos; finding clips from so many movies is impressive on its own, but how he also slows and speeds up the clips to make them match the song is just amazing. Check out his best one (in my opinion) above and you'll see what I mean.

2. Mashups

As someone who has created a couple of fan-made trailers, I know how hard it is to get it just right, so when I see Ross mash two movies together for such amazing trailers, I can only drop my jaw. Best examples being the video above which has the original Watchmen trailer recreated by using clips from Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers.

The other best example being his most famous one: recreating the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer with clips from the original Star Wars trilogy, which can only be described as perfect:

Once again, great editing from Ross, great recreation of the title cards and text flashes, and using dialogue from the films to recreate the dialogue from the trailers. There are so many on his channel to choose from, so go have fun watching them all. I mean, he managed to make Battlefield Earth seem epic. Yeah. It is also worth mentioning that Ross does great mashups of movies and Power Rangers intros.

3. He's A One-Man Crew

As far as I know, the writing, the editing, the special effects, the filming? All done by Ross himself. As a fellow YouTube creator, I have to give nothing but praise to a guy who can do all of these impressive effects such as superimposing himself in a scene and his visual gags. And, again, his recreation of title cards are just a small example of how much talent he really has. Some complain that his reviews take too long to come out, but I can honestly see why considering how much work he clearly puts into them.

4. Perfect Comedic Timing

Not everyone who does these types of videos always lands the jokes, but the Unusual Suspect? Nearly every one of his jokes from either his movie or video game reviews have gotten me to laugh. While it's true that I'm easily amused, I still say that Ross's comedic timing is on point. To see some of his best jokes, watch his review of Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, or any of his Lord of the Rings trilogy reviews.

5. Variety In Videos

Some YouTube creators become one-trick ponies who basically do the same type of video for so long that they become annoying and dry, but then you have the opposite side of the spectrum. Ross's channel has so many types of videos, it seems like he'll never run out of ideas; he puts the same amount of effort into his movie reviews as he does into his video game reviews, mashups, sung by movie videos and even the countdown videos that he recently did.

Ross has enough variety to please everyone's tastes, and the fact that he puts equal effort into all of them is reason enough for you to not only check out his channel but also subscribe to it.

Do you watch the Unusual Suspect? Are you interested in his videos? Who else are your favorite YouTube channels? Let us know in the comments below!


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