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Turns out Ben Affleck is getting a bit of an upgrade in the upcoming Justice League movie. Zach Snyder just revealed the Watchmen-esque new suit that the Caped Crusader will be donning when DC's cinematic universe unites to fight evil.

We saw Alfred tinkering with a set of goggles during the events of Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Now it seems, it's been revealed what Bruce Wayne's cantankerous old Englishman was working on.

No nipples here.
No nipples here.

Snyder himself, when he revealed the suit, was typically cryptic as to where and when it will appear in the movie's timeline. He simply stated:

Homestretch. Last day filming 'Batman' in the new Tactical Batsuit.

Affleck's new suit comes on the heels of Henry Cavill teasing that Superman will also be getting some darker new threads after his inevitable resurrection. The new Justice League seems to be shaping up to become the DC cinematic feast that fans have been waiting for.

What do you think of Batman's new look?


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