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Despite Justice League being a year and two months away (not that I'm counting), we already have a considerable amount of information from it: Who the villain will be, which Justice League members will get along and we even have an idea of how Superman will be brought back to life. During San Diego Comic-Con, the first official image from the movie was released:

Thanks to it, we discovered that Ben Affleck's Batman would be getting an upgraded suit. Well, it turns out that isn't the only wardrobe change the Caped Crusader will undergo for the film. Today, through his official Twitter account, Zack Snyder revealed a new tactical suit for Batman, with the caption: "Homestretch. Last day filming Batman in the new Tactical Batsuit." Check it out:

Skipping the obvious, remarkable resemblance to Nite Owl from his own 2009 movie adaptation Watchmen, let's break down this new Tactical Batsuit. What's new about it? What are the differences between it and the suit we saw in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Let's Start With The Cowl

In Batman v Superman, one of the most noticeable aspects from the suit was the comic book-accurate cowl. For the film, the designers dropped the armored look made famous by the Christopher Nolan Batman movies and instead gave us a streamlined, simplistic design.

The Batman v Superman cowl
The Batman v Superman cowl

The cowl in the Justice League tactical suit returns to a more armored design but with a twist. While it's somewhat similar to the one Batman wore in the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game, this new cowl doesn't look too robotic, one aspect that's been noticeable in Flash's suit. Instead, it goes for a more techno-organic look that is strikingly similar to Nite Owl's cowl in Watchmen. In fact, when I first looked at it, I thought it was him in the picture. And while there are obviously differences, the influence of Nite Owl's cowl on Batman's costume design in Justice League is obvious:

The most prominent feature is the goggles. Going by the fact that this is a tactical suit, the goggles will definitely have different functions, which could include night vision (always perfect for a bat-themed crimefighter), a radar or even act as a second Bat-HUD, where Bruce Wayne receives information on his environment, like in the Arkham game series. The only question is, does it come with detective mode?

How About The Costume's Upper Torso?

What I liked about the Batsuit in BvS was its simplistic look. The filmmakers weren't trying to make it too modern and it was distinct from any other superhero suit we'd seen on the big screen. The new tactical suit, however, is a combination of different versions of the Dark Knight.

One in particular that instantly comes to mind is the armor Bruce Wayne wore in Arkham Knight. With this suit, the chest piece looked very robotic and was broken down into three separate pieces to allow for mobility in the chest area. For his superhero-sized pecs. Those bad boys gotta breathe, y'know?

Chest piece in the Arkham Knight video game
Chest piece in the Arkham Knight video game

The Justice League's suit's chest section looks very similar to that, which also makes me think of the Cyborg armor from Justice League, while the suit from Batman v Superman was much more flat, a rubberized torso molded from one piece. Something I noticed though, is that it's keeping the same chunkier Bat symbol design from BvS. Take a look:

As you can see from the picture, the symbols are the same, but with the new tactical suit, the chest symbol is more prominently embossed than the BvS version, which was molded right into the chest itself. The pecs are much more armor-like. The separation between them an the rest of the suit are evident, with sharper lines making the distinction, which also make them look almost mechanical under the material.

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Finally, we can see from the arms a very similar pattern to the one in the Justice League picture. Does it mean that this suit comes after that one, as an upgrade or does it come before and the one in the picture is simply a slicker version with the same protective capabilities? Either way, it's evident that the designers wanted to give him a modernized look and update for Justice League — perhaps a visual representation of Batman having to level up in his equipment and preparedness for the more dangerous enemy they will face?

The Lower Torso Is Also Drastically Changed

In the picture above, the abdomen section is a lot more blocky, evidently much more protective than the one shown in the first SDCC promo pic. With this new tactical suit, Batman seems to be going all-out on protection for his Crossfit-created abs.

This abdomen is composed of different layers intricately pieced together, with the sections appearing to buckle across his ribs and being fastened to the rest of the suit by tough rivets. While, just like with the chest, the outer layers of the armor look almost like dull metal, I doubt that's what they're made of since it wouldn't be very practical for both Batman in the film and during production.

This leads me to believe it's a more advanced version of Kevlar. One thing's for sure though: Batman will now be able to take a direct, Darkseid-punch to the abs.

The Gauntlets Got An Armored Upgrade

The effort behind this suit to make it look more like armor from the neck down are very noticeable. This is equally as evident with the gauntlets as it is with the rest of the suit. In Batman v Superman, the Caped Crusader's gauntlets were extremely simplistic, thinner and more rubberized. They gave the impression Bruce Wayne had put them together himself and had to patch them up after every night of crimefighting.

Batman's gauntlets in Batman v Superman
Batman's gauntlets in Batman v Superman

These new gauntlets look much more protective, less like rubber gloves and more like true protective, armored gauntlets — fitting for the Dark Knight (see what I did there?). They have thick padding on the top of the forearm, with which Batman blocks the majority of blows, and there's something that again looks like Kevlar woven throughout it. The glove itself also seems tougher; it looks like Batman can knock out all your teeth with 50% less effort than before. Definitely, these new gauntlets are very similar to the ones Batman used in the video game Batman: Arkham City in shape and design, albeit with a different material and without spikes (that we can see, anyway):

Scale model of Batman's Arkham series gloves
Scale model of Batman's Arkham series gloves

And somehow, I wouldn't be surprised to see those Justice League gauntlets both literally and metaphorically hiding a few tricks up their sleeve, whether it's spikes or something else.

Never Skip (Upgrading) Leg Day, Bro

This is the part of the suit that's most difficult to make out in the picture, so it's not as easy to analyze. But from what I can glimpse, the legs have metallic outer layers, adding to the tactical suit's protective nature. However, if we take a closer look, there's a striking resemblance between their design and the one in the armor from Batman v Superman, albeit a slightly less heavy-duty version.

When I first looked at the suit, I thought it was for covert missions but after analyzing it, its true purpose is clear: combat. It's right there in the name, not "covert" but "tactical." The Tactical Batsuit is much more practical from an ease-of-movement standpoint than the armored suit that Bruce Wayne used to beat up Superman, but it's still much more combat-ready than the regular Batsuit he wears. The question now becomes, why is he using it? Will he put it on to aid the Justice League in their fight against Steppenwolf? Or is there another reason that will require him breaking it out?

The Picture Itself Hints At The Reason For Batman's Tactical Suit

In the picture, Batman is in front of a damaged Batmobile in what seems to be the sewers. This made me think of the moment in The New 52 when Batman and Green Lantern teamed up to fight a Parademon that was planting a bomb in the sewers. Could this image be hinting at a moment like that in the movie or will Bruce Wayne indeed use it to fight Apokolips' army?

Batman and Green Lantern in the sewers
Batman and Green Lantern in the sewers

Hopefully, we get more answers regarding the tactical suit before Justice League hits theaters on November 16, 2017.

What features and gadgets would you like to see in Batman's new suit?