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Up until last night, we had no idea where Season 20 of South Park was heading, aside from a couple of YouTube teases. But after watching the premiere episode, we know South Park just set an unknown precedent by connecting concurring seasons with one another.

Similar to how South Park utilized a thread of connectivity between episodes last season — that thread can now extend between seasons themselves. In the current season, the thread of connectivity between episodes is made relevant through the use of video footage within the premiere episode; the plot of Season 20 will advance several sub-plots conceived in Season 19.

Not only will the series continue to share a higher level of connectivity between episodes, but we can hope to see more of a progressive story develop for our favorite South Park characters. If Season 19 began a new era of linear storytelling in the South Park universe, Season 20 will be the season that defines the series' new step-forward.

With the sudden transformation from nonlinear episodes into a continuously developing story, South Park is going to become a series that fans are invested in when tuning in for new episodes — possibly even to the point of fans running to the internet to speculate on the following chapter or the following season during a hiatus. Instead of one-off parodies, the show's arc can now potentially progress for years.

South Park's story is definitely heading in a particular direction — as to what that direction might be, is still up for debate. Nevertheless, here are all of the Season 19 connective plot-threads that the Season 20 premiere revisited.

PC Principal Is Back

Yes, your favorite super-sensitive elementary school principal didn't leave town between seasons, and he has a new agenda at hand. Well, technically, PC Principal is still all about "PC" culture, and it's very apparent that he's continuing to support PC in the newest latest season of South Park; evident by the immediate resurgence of PC Principal in the premiere episode of Season 20.

Mr. Garrison's Political Aspirations Just Went To The Next Level

Mr. Garrison's new motivations to fix America were revisited in the season premiere, but he's no longer just talking; he's finally decided to go full Trump and run for president of the United States of America - despite knowing nothing of politics or how the real world functions, similar to the actual Trump.

Caitlyn Jenner Is Still At Garrison's Side

South Park isn't done with Caitlyn Jenner just yet either. It appears as though she'll become a recurring character on the series as well, just like PC Principal. Buckle up, buckaroos!

What Can We Expect From The Rest Of Season 20?

Now that we have a good picture of which plot-threads explored in Season 19 will be revisited during Season 20 of South Park, we can probably make some guesses as to where the show will progress in Season 20, and beyond.

For one, it's obvious PC Principal is here to stay. After he was introduced and featured in Season 19, fans really enjoyed his outlandish but goodhearted nature. Last season, PC Principal agreed to stick around and improve South Park Elementary, and he's a man of his word.

Along with PC Principal returning, we also have Mr. Garrison on his way to becoming president (while Caitlyn Jenner is on her way to becoming vice president). Recalling how last season began to explore Garrison's unpopular political philosophies, the new season will likely continue its parody of Donald Trump throughout the election season. It's a safe bet that Season 20 of South Park will depict a conclusive end to Garrison's goal of becoming president of the United States of America.

What More Could We Hope For?

It's also a safe bet that the newest season of South Park will explore more current events. The premiere episode provided us with our first glimpse of the whole Colin Kaepernick situation being blown out of proportion, and that's probably just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to South Park Season 20 exploring what's in the news. We'll likely see other current events become the basis for topical humor — at least, that's what I hope is Matt Stone's and Trey Parker's intention for the new season.

Regardless of what we're hoping to see, South Park Season 20 isn't likely to fail in any capacity. And with South Park taking on an entirely new construct by connecting every episode and season together, it's becoming more apparent that the show is indeed heading in a new direction — and fans will be watching with more anticipation than ever to see how this new direction will shape the progression of the series as a whole.


Did the Season 20 premiere live up to your expectations?


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