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Get ready for all kind of crazy. It was announced on Wednesday that Margot Robbie — who wowed fans as Harley Quinn and stole the show in this summer's Suicide Squad — has finally sealed the deal on a first-look agreement with Warner Bros. This will allow her to work on the production and development of a Squad spinoff film dedicated entirely to Harley Quinn, as well as work on Lillian Leitzel biopic Queen of the Air.

Before we continue, let's revisit the first Suicide Squad trailer.

With fewer female producers currently in the industry, this announcement shows the dedication Robbie has to her character and the passion she has for the industry as a whole. But as this news breaks, we cannot help but think of Jared Leto's Joker lurking somewhere in the background. Could their overlapping stories mean there is only space for one solo offering? Let's look at the reasons why the infamous Joker and the Queen of Gotham both need a separate shot at the silver screen — and who is likely to get there first.

The Joker

The Clown Prince, courtesy of Oscar-winning Jared Leto.
The Clown Prince, courtesy of Oscar-winning Jared Leto.

While there were mixed reviews following Suicide Squad, opinions on the new Joker and Leto's performance are also still divided. His lack of screen time (which the promos and trailers suggested there would be plenty of) made the complex and psychotic villain no more than a ruthless, albeit seemingly caring, support act for Harley Quinn.

Leto has openly discussed his dismay at the way the film was edited, with his ever-so-sassy response to IGN when asked if he was upset about any of his scenes getting cut, "Were there any [scenes] that didn't get cut?" I wholeheartedly applaud him for that answer. If he has hours of intense footage chronicled somewhere, why not get the chance to showcase it? If this is the case and it is something the studio can work with, with any luck we could see a Joker solo movie smash the box office sooner than we think.

Check out the Joker's musical talents here:

However, with rumors of his feature in the Justice League movie now firmly put to bed, it looks as if Mr J's next big outing is likely to be alongside Batman in the Caped Crusader's next movie. Although we love to see him as the Yin to Batsy's Yang, imagine if the Joker's unhinged perspective was presented in all its glory — we could finally bear witness to the world of a villain feeding on chaos, purely for the hell of it.

Harley Quinn

Meet scene-stealing Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn.
Meet scene-stealing Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn made her cinematic debut in Suicide Squad, with fans intrigued by the new interpretation of a somewhat less-established character. The fact she took the lead fighting against the bad guys (you know, the *actual* bad guys) made a lasting impression with cinemagoers. Her backstory was brief in this installment — again with many scenes being cut from the final edit.

Her upcoming film would, most likely, introduce her formally as both Harley and Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Robbie pitched the idea to Warner Bros., having delved into her character's backstory, and preproduction for this proposed film is likely to start in the very near future. The actress's belief in this production could only mean she has much more to give to the role — and that there is a lot more footage worth seeing.

Find out more about the cut scenes here:

Apparently having already taken on a female writer to bring Harley and her Gotham girls to life, it looks like Robbie is on a solo mission to rep the women who represent the DCEU. The internet is buzzing with potential plots and characters at this very early stage — with some saying Batgirl, Poison Ivy and the rest of the Gotham City Sirens should lead this female-centric venture alongside Harley. Her compelling character could work alongside the predicted success of other upcoming solo movies such as Wonder Woman, which is set for release June 2, 2017.

Check out the awesomeness of Harley in Suicide Squad below.

However, the announcement leads to one question: Could Harley's past with the Joker sabotage his shot at the silver screen — or even a potential sequel to Suicide Squad — should her solo film get released first? The less-than-healthy relationship with her Puddin' could feature heavily in her own film and could diminish the possibility of (and the need for) the perspective of a Joker.

For more on DC and its extended universe, check out:

So What's Next?

For the time being, we can only wait to hear development on Harley Quinn's spinoff as her film is currently the only one on our radar. Undeniably, both solos would be a worthy investment and an even more worthwhile watch. DC has a number of upcoming projects to look forward to as it builds on its filmography, so get ready for capes (and weapons) to fly.


Which film would you be more likely to watch?

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