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Before you start reading this, you might want to grab yourself a piece of pie, fire up Dean's YouTube Playlist, and sprinkle some salt around your Supernatural-lovin' self. What might be the final trailer for Supernatural Season 12 has arrived.

First, a warning:

Spoiler alert for Supernatural, Seasons 11 & 12!
Spoiler alert for Supernatural, Seasons 11 & 12!

Next, check out the Season 12 promo:

Now. Let's break down that teaser and talk Supernatural Season 12!

The Road So Far

At the end of Season 11, God and Amara went into the great blue yonder in a puff of yin and yang smoke, and Amara left Dean with a small parting gift: Mary Winchester! You know, their dead mother whose murder started the whole damn shebang in the first place.

Back at the Winchester Lair, Lady Antonia Bevell, who has infiltrated the secret compound, zaps Cas back to Heaven so she and Sam can have a talk. And by talk, I mean she shoots him point-blank, or at least it looks like it. He just helped stop Armageddon yet AGAIN, and what does she do? She goes and shoots at him. Of course, it's because she and the Men of Letters London Chapter House are sick of him and Dean always having to stop Armageddon because it's usually their fault whenever it starts in the first place, but still.

When Season 11 left us, Sam appeared to have another hole in his body, Dean was standing face to face with his resurrected mom, and it appears the devil is dead. But...

Lucifer Is Still Out There

You heard Cas —he's still alive! And he's no longer being played by Mark Pellegrino, unfortunately. Rick Springfield is now The Most Unclean One:

Rick certainly looks the part in the preview...but if worse comes to worst and he turns out to be a terrible Satan, at least he and Dean can do some major karaokeing together! Either way, it looks like Lucifer and Crowley will go head-to-head again this season. Let's just hope Lucifer doesn't make Crowley lick any more floors. It was painful to watch the dethroned King of Hell reduced to such a lowly state.

The story behind Rick Springfield's character, before he became Lucifer's shiny new vessel, is this, according to TV Line:

The first vessel that [Lucifer] feels comfortable with,” Singer went on, “is a rock star who’s a little bit on the down side who’s trying to come back.

Speaking of coming back...

Sammy's Alive!

Yeah, right, like there was ever any doubt. The only person on the show who's died more than Sam is Dean, and that's only because of the episode devoted to making us watch Dean die a gazillion times.

It really looked like Lady Assbutt (see what I did there?) shot Sam in the Season 11 finale, but judging from this still from the promo and the split second before it, he doesn't look too shot.

He sure likes like hell here though...

See Also:

Hunting Things. Saving People. Still The Family Business.

Hello, Season 1 nostalgia!

You can't have a preview of any season of Supernatural without at least a tiny throwback to the previous seasons, and we were reminded of the “family business” a couple of times with this promo. Remember Season 1, Episode 1?

The guy just doesn't age, does he?
The guy just doesn't age, does he?

We're reminded multiple times that the Winchesters are hunters first and foremost. Antonia very rudely reminds us in the Season 11 finale, and right after that, this pops up on the screen:

After which Dean flashes that Winchester smile and says, “Family huntin' trip!”

And what better way to have a family hunting trip than with your long-dead-but-now-somehow-alive-again mother?

Perhaps John Winchester, a.k.a. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, a.k.a Negan, can find some time between filming episodes for The Walking Dead to come back from the dead for a little while?

I know. I'd cry a little, too, if that happened.

Get ready! Supernatural comes back for Season 12 on Thursday, October 13!


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