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Charmed actress Shannen Doherty is battling breast cancer in the public eye, fighting the dreaded disease with the grace and strength that's made her who she is. When cancer struck, she laced up her gloves and began the battle like any warrior would, which came as no surprise — long before confronting cancer, Shannen was already a fighter.

1. She Fought Back Against A "Bad Girl" Image

As a young star in Beverly Hills 90210, Shannen caught the eye of the paparazzi, and because she didn't live her life as a sheltered star, she was painted as a bad girl. She had her ups and downs, taking risks and chances, that would later lead to pictures and media headlines, all of which created this idea of an out-of-control girl who didn't know where she was going.

Over the past years, Shannen has overcome that label, proving herself to be a capable, strong woman who didn't conform to society's norms. And she excelled.

2. She Lives With Chrohn's Disease

Chrohn's Disease is a debilitating autoimmune disease that can cause severe pain, abdominal swelling and other symptoms. It is a lifelong battle as there is no cure, and some of the complications can be life-threatening. Shannen lives with this and the knowledge that a large percentage of Chrohn's patients end up requiring surgery.

There are no articles or interviews where Shannen is complaining about the hand she's been dealt. It takes strength to fight this illness and to attempt to live a relatively normal life. Shannen has continued to act, to embrace who she is without calling for time-outs. In her daily life, she showcases a warrior's spirit.

Inside Shannen Doherty's Cancer Battle:

3. She Is An Avid Animal Rights Activist

Shannen has been and remains an advocate for the health and welfare of animals, whether it's dogs, wolves or rhinos. In 2014, she traveled to Japan to join the dolphin and small whale defense campaign Operation Infinite Patience. She's long been a supporter of all animals and continues to use her celebrity status to bring attention to animals that need to be adopted, as shown by the September 15th post on her Instagram page.

Though Shannen faces the battle for her life in fighting cancer, her life has already shown us that she is up to the task. Even in the midst of chemotherapy treatments, Shannen continues to volunteer for Animal Hope and Wellness.

Many people can say they hate animal abuse and want to protect animals, but Shannen puts action to her words and stands up for helpless creatures. That's what a fighter does.

4. She Danced For Her Father

Shannen's father, John Doherty, loved Dancing with the Stars, and after he suffered a devastating stroke, she made the decision to join the dancing reality show to honor him. Even though she was voted off early in the competition, Shannen doesn't regret participating because her father had the opportunity to see her dance before he passed away the next year in 2010. Shannen has said she did it for her father, and she cannot imagine life without him.

Clearly, this is a woman who loved her father and was willing to do whatever she could to make his life a little better. It had to be difficult to focus on training and dancing while knowing she was losing her father. It takes strength to perform in front of millions of people when she truly just wanted to dance for her father.

And as strong as she is, she knows that even warriors need help sometimes, and she doesn't hesitate to showcase on her Instagram the times when she turns to her husband, Kurt, her mother, and her friends. Right now, they are helping to hold her sword and her shield in place until she's back to being able to fight on her own.

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