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Arrow hasn't had it easy in recent years. After kick-starting TV's Arrowverse with gritty, street-level heroics, the CW's flagship show has struggled to incorporate the super-powers and magical elements of its sister shows, The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

That's all set to change now, as the show runners have promised that Arrow will go back to basics for Season 5. Forget Lazarus Pits. See ya later Damien! So far, Arrow has kept its promise, pitting the Emerald Archer against non-powered vigilantes such as the new big bad Prometheus and The Walking Dead's Chad Coleman, who plans to lay Oliver's city under siege.

Check out the new Arrow Season 5 trailer below:

Fortunately, the new direction for Season 5 has started strong, depicting Oliver with a new team of vigilantes who have been assembled to defend Star City, now that Spartan and Speedy have left Team Arrow.

Artemis, Wild Dog and Ragman!? [Via CW]
Artemis, Wild Dog and Ragman!? [Via CW]

The appearance of fresh faces such as Wild Dog and Artemis hearkens back to the likes of Wildcat and the Huntress, and other street-level heroes who previously appeared on the show. However, the inclusion of new teammate Ragman suggests that the supernatural elements of the Arrowverse may not have been discarded entirely and that was proved when episode 2, The Recruits, aired this week.

Who Is Ragman?

[Via DC Comics]
[Via DC Comics]

Bitten by a radioactive dishcloth, Ragman dressed up in tattered clothes to avenge the death of his parents, who were destroyed when their planet Raggonia was — Ok, wait. Rewind.

Ragman's origin is pretty strange, but it's not Squirrel Girl weird. Well, not quite. Rory Regan actually gained his enhanced strength and agility when a surge of electricity killed his father and friends, imbuing him with their physical abilities. Kind of like the Flash, but less useful and more grim.

DC later retconned Ragman into a mystical hero, one whose suit was comprised of corrupted souls that he collected from the criminals that he punished. By drawing upon the power of these souls, Regan can enhance his strength tenfold, avoid injury and use complex magic spells to protect Gotham, a city that clearly needs all the help it can get.

Why Choose Ragman Then?

[Via DC Comics]
[Via DC Comics]

One thing that sets Ragman apart from other heroes is his unusual gift set, something which will hold him in good stead while protecting Star City, but why else has this obscure hero become a member of Team Arrow.

One of the most impressive aspects of the CW's superhero line-up is the sheer diversity on display, exploring characters who possess a range of different ethnicities and sexual orientations — but what we haven't seen much of so far is religious diversity.

After Ragman was retconned by DC, his character became one of the few Jewish superheroes featured in comics, which remains a rarity even in this day and age. By adding Regan to Team Arrow in Season 5, the writers have found a unique way to explore Jewish representation on mainstream TV, depicting the kind of spiritual hero rarely seen in comic book media.

[Via DC Comics]
[Via DC Comics]

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[Via DC Comics]
[Via DC Comics]

Regan may seem like a minor character now, but if handled right, Ragman could end up becoming one of the most popular heroes on the CW network. Just the idea of Arrow exploiting Ragman's connections to Gotham City have got us seriously excited. Sure, Joe Dinicol's character has been retconned as a citizen of Haven Rock on Arrow, but just imagine if Ragman somehow ended up being a gateway for Batman to make an appearance on the CW too?

While this is highly unlikely, it will be interesting to see if the CW can take this obscure hero and turn him into a fan favorite character. After all, even most diehard comic book fans aren't particularly knowledgeable about the character, which provides the opportunity to play around with his character a bit, updating Ragman for mainstream audiences.

For more information on Ragman, check out this video below:

Do you think Ragman will retain his supernatural abilities or will Arrow stick to its back-to-basics approach? Let us know in the comments below!

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