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Over the last week or so I've rewatched Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy and Age of Ultron. After finishing them, a thought crossed my mind. A thought that developed into a theory — a theory that could provide insight into what could go down in the next Avengers movies.

I'm gonna start by saying this: All of the Infinity Stones are connected. Obviously they are part of the same group, but it's more than that. The same energy runs through all the stones, exerting different properties. Those in the universe who realize this have the potential to manipulate and exploit the stones' powers. Like Thanos already has done and will do again. Let's look at some of the evidence so you can really see what I'm getting at.

The Maximoff Twins

First, let's consider the Maximoff twins, Wanda and Peter, who each obtained their powers through genetic experimentation with the Mind Stone. Now, from hearing that alone, a person might assume that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver would gain powers of the mind — I mean, it is called the Mind Stone, after all. But bar Wanda's nightmare games, they show no signs of having that ability. One's fast and one's weird.

But Take A Closer Look

Wanda's powers of telekinesis don't appear out of nowhere, nor is it a random gift. Although the Mind Stone was used to create her, the powers are clearly derived from its sister stone the Aether. Officially, Scarlet Witch's powers are reality manipulation, which she hasn't achieved full control over yet. This power takes the physical form of red energy. The Aether represents reality, and its color is red.

Now Let's Take A Look At Wanda's Bro

Similar can be said of Pietro/Peter, if we assume he is not the type of speedster who just runs fast, but rather, the type who moves the space around him, which gives him the appearance of moving fast. If the latter were the case, then in fact his powers would derive from space manipulation, which fabricates itself as blue energy. You see where I'm going with this? His powers are from the Mind Stone's sister the Tesseract, the stone that represents space, and whose color is blue.

The Link

So it's clear that in using the Mind Stone, a being may access the power of the other stones. Strucker doing this was an accident, but those with a higher intellect and the right equipment can do it purposefully. But let's roll this a little further.

In the beginning of The Avengers, Loki opens a portal using the Tesseract — which seems pretty difficult, especially if you're nowhere near the damn thing. But since Loki was on a mission from Thanos, who gave him the Mind Stone in his scepter, it's plausible that Thanos used the Mind Stone to study this link between the stones; to gain insight and power that nobody else has. He then used this knowledge and the Mind Stone to activate the Tesseract from the other side of the universe. So Thanos used one stone to activate another.

And What Of The Vision?

Thanos may have control over the Infinity Stones in some capacity, and if this is true, I put forward a couple of moments which back up my theory. Remember in Age of Ultron, when Ultron gets obliterated by Vision in the woods? Then, during the credits scene, somehow Thanos magically knew about it and will now "do it himself"? How did Thanos know that Ultron was destroyed? Simple: He was watching, through the Mind Stone. After all, it was the stone that Thanos had in his possession, and it was the stone used to kill Ultron. Makes sense, right?

And what about in Civil War, when Vision tells Wanda he feels as if the Mind Stone has control over him? Was I the only one who thought that was weird? We've seen the Tesseract, we've seen the Orb, and we've seen the Aether, none of which had control over anyone. The Aether did possess people, but it wasn't in the same way; it fully took over, drawing power from its host like a parasite.

The Vision seems to indicate that the Mind Stone has more of a consciousness and one day it may take control of him, turning him darker. So if stones don't have that sort of power, then what's making Vision feel this way about his stone?

Well, What If It's Thanos Again?

As I've attempted to explain here, all of the stones are connected to each other, and by using this connection, beings can access stones without interacting with them. Thanos learnt this when he had the Mind Stone and used it to open the Tesseract; he looked through the Mind Stone whilst it was in Vision. So, what if he is using the Mind Stone to influence the Vision?

Which Brings Us To...

In the comics, as I'm sure some of you are aware, there is a character called Adam Warlock who plays a major part in the whole Infinity saga and the stories involving the Infinity Gems. Warlock is a powerful being who has the Soul Gem implanted in his head, and sometimes he is a bit of a Jesus allegory. In Infinity War, the story mainly centers around the conflict between Warlock and his alternate future self Magus, who had been corrupted by the Soul Stone in his head.

To Thanos, Vision is a tool with which he can spy. Thanos is seeing everything Vision does and knows all of the Avengers intimately, and after the events of Civil War, he now knows where their weakness as a splintered team lie. So when the time's right, Thanos will use the stone to take full control of the Vision and bring the Avengers down from the inside. And that could happen in Infinity War. But this conflict with Thanos could be the catalyst the team needs to stand together once again.

We might just have to wait quite a while to find out, when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4, 2018.


What do you think? Is this plausible?


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