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Audiences are eager to get their look at the first solo Batman movie in the DC Extended Universe that's under the guidance of writer and director and titular character Ben Affleck. Since it was announced, the only confirmed detail has been that Bruce Wayne will be squaring off against Joe Mangianello's Deathstroke.

Several rumors about the movie have also come out. The most important ones are that the film would feature numerous villains from Batman's Rogues' Gallery and that it would be set entirely in the infamous Arkham Asylum, home to the criminally insane.

As you can imagine, these rumors made people excited for what was to come, as they presented numerous possibilities for the Dark Knight's next cinematic entry. Well, a new rumor surfaced, courtesy of Umberto Gonzalez, about the movie's plot. He posted this on Twitter:

Let's clear something first: Gonzalez doesn't have a 100% track record when it comes to scoops. He's been spot on with some and completely wrong with others, but he is, overall, fairly consistent with what he reveals. But scoops and rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt, so keep that in mind.

The new Batman movie not set entirely in Arkham Asylum is totally plausible. While this rumor (if it's to be believed) seems to leave us completely in the dark about what exactly Batman will go through in his solo adventure, there's also this possibility: What if these rumors are hinting at something bigger?

Could The Solo Batman Movie Be An Adaptation Of The Batman: Arkham Franchise?

Batman vs. Deathstroke
Batman vs. Deathstroke

The main core of the Arkham video game franchise is composed of four games: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Origins, and Arkham Knight. And, going by the information we've gotten from the Dark Knight's upcoming movie so far, I'm thinking we might just be getting an adaptation of Arkham Origins.

Arkham Origins was the prequel to the extremely successful previous two entries in the franchise. The game explored a younger and far more inexperienced Batman who encountered for the first time a large portion of his Rogues' Gallery. One of his most notable sparring partners was Deathstroke. The plot centered around Joker (disguised as Black Mask), offering a reward for anyone who would kill the Dark Knight. As you can imagine, many, many baddies joined the fight... in one night.

So far, the most significant rumors we've heard from Ben Affleck's Batman are, one, that the movie will feature an impressive amount of villains, two, that will be set entirely in Arkham Asylum and three, that the movie actually won't spend its entire runtime in the terrifying facility.

How Deathstroke And The Rogues' Gallery Could Fit In To The Story

Batman's Rogues' Gallery
Batman's Rogues' Gallery

What if these rumors are parts of a bigger puzzle? All of them seem, in some form or another, a nod to the Arkham franchise. Deathstroke, at least in the comic books, is a mercenary. He generally doesn't mess with someone unless there's a big $ sign above their head.

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Therefore, could it be that someone put a price on the Dark Knight's head, which makes Batman's impressive amount of baddies emerge from the woodwork to try and take him out? If this is the case, fitting Deathstroke in would feel more organic and stay true to the spirit of his character. That counts for two of the main rumors. That just leaves us with the Arkham Asylum chatter.

How The Conflicting Arkham Asylum Rumors Can Be Explained

One rumor says the movie will be based entirely in the asylum, the other one says it doesn't. Which is to be believed? Could the true result be a mixture of the two? The rumor about Batman taking place in Arkham Asylum came in when the script for the movie was still in its early stages, so that idea could have surely been thrown around, hence why we got the rumor.

Then, as the script evolved, maybe the writers thought it wouldn't be such a great idea to have the Caped Crusader locked away in the facility for his first solo big screen adventure in the DCEU; that could have been what Umberto heard.

All of these rumors tie to all entries in the Arkham franchise. What if this Batman movie becomes the first in the Caped Crusader's franchise to be based off a video game? Considering the constant praise the games have gotten so far and how much they've cemented Batman in people's minds, I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case.

With such a constant stream of rumors and new info coming in from Batman, it's really fun to try to make sense of it all as we wait for the movie to hit theaters. So far, Batman, directed by Ben Affleck, does not have a release date.


What would you like to see a future Batman solo movie be based on?


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