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Now, there are a whole lot of reasons to be thankful for winning a major industry award like and Emmy, an Oscar or — despite The Simpsons' classic skewering — a Grammy. For some, the respect of their peers is reason enough, while for others it's a validation of years of hard work and struggle. For others still, there's a recognition that winning major awards can be incredibly useful when it comes to getting a pet project off the ground or renegotiating that next contract.

In the greater scheme of things, though, awards can't take away the trials and tragedies of everyday life, something that Patton Oswalt, whose wife — accomplished crime writer Michelle McNamara — passed away earlier this year can attest to. Oswalt won an Emmy on Sunday night for his Netflix stand-up special, Talking For Clapping, and yet the unbearable weight of his family's loss was evident in every word of his comments back stage after his win. Get ready to sob, because...

Patton Oswalt's Emmys Tribute To His Late Wife Was Absolutely Heartbreaking

As he so touchingly put it:

"Every bit of growth that I’ve had in my career, especially in my writing and my performing, came because I met Michelle McNamara. Because I met and married this woman who just was so much wiser and self-actualized and aware of life than I was. I had convinced myself that I was aware and self-actualized and mature, but then I met the real deal … I think it's one of the reasons I didn't prepare a speech, because I was so comfortable with... especially when I saw Tig [Notaro]'s special, and John Mullaney's and Hannibal [Buress]'s and Amy Schumer's I was just so OK with going 'oh, there's people that are in my life that help me to aspire to something and to evolve to something better, and I'm just lucky to get to have that in my life'. So to have that ripped out of my life the way that it has this year — I’m not trying to say that this is meaningless, but... everything seems like the lights have been turned down 50 percent on everything since she’s gone. It just going to be a long, long time before I can be the kind of person she made me again."

Which is actually just downright devastating, as well as an important reminder that money, success and shiny gold statues simply don't mean as much as the relationships we build on the way to earning them.

If you're not quite done crying and engaging with our common humanity just yet, there're more devastatingly heartbreaking celebrity responses to tragedy right here, and here.

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