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On September 15th, Beauty and the Beast aired its series finale on the CW, leaving an empty slot on addicted fans' viewing schedule. The drama, loosely based upon the series created by Ron Koslow in 1987, focused on the impossible relationship between a police detective turned federal agent and a doctor who'd been turned into a "beast" due to a failed military experiment. Though the ratings were never that strong, the series earned a People's Choice Awards in 2013 for Favorite New TV Drama, and in 2014, 2015 and 2016 for Favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy Show.

When news of the cancellation hit social media, fans immediately started a petition in an attempt to save the doomed show, and though the actors appreciated the passion, they acknowledged the end, leaving fans to wonder what's next and what they're going to miss the most.

1. The Humor That Is JT Forbes

Professor JT Forbes, played to perfection by Austin Basis, brought humor to the darkness that was Beauty and the Beast. Each week we looked forward to his acerbic one-liners. And in the midst of danger, he could always be counted on to deliver a unique, if not altogether positive, look at the situation. As many fans have JT's quips memorized, it'll be difficult to face Thursdays knowing there aren't any new sarcastic tips waiting for us.

2. The Danger of The Beast

Much different from the Vincent of the 1987 version of Beauty and the Beast, Vincent Keller could walk among humans in the daylight, but anger, adrenaline, or a need to protect someone he loved could change him into beast no one wanted to see. Jay Ryan brought the character to life with just the right amount of charisma, attitude and lethal good looks. When he got angry, fans could feel the fear in his opponent leaping off the screen. Over the past four seasons, we immersed ourselves in the dark world of beasts, and now we'll miss the speed, the strength and the man.

3. The Wonder Of The Romance

Beauty and the Beast has always been a show about the romance, about two unlikely characters finding love. Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk's chemistry sizzled on the screen, and they made us believe Vincent and Catherine had found their true love. It was a slightly damaged fairy tale with more monsters than white horses, but this couple made it work, and it made fans want more each week.

Though our time with them is done, we have four seasons to rewatch and to remember. Vincent and Catherine, though fictional, provided a ray of hope to those still looking for the elusive soulmate. After all, if a man who is a dangerous beast can find love, can't we all?

So Thursday nights are looking a little bleak until another show comes along that maybe, just maybe convinces us that it could fill the empty slot. But we'll have a hard time believing that anything can take the place of our favorite characters and the drama, romance and danger that is, was, and always will be Beauty and the Beast. We're glad we had it for a little while, but we wish we could have had it for a lot longer.

What will you miss the most about Beauty and the Beast? Let us know in the comments below!


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