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When fans of South Park think of the show, they immediately associate it with Cartman, Kyle, Kenny and Stan. Yes, those four boys are the main stars of the series — but they're not the only great characters.

The past few seasons of South Park have branched off into various plot threads for other characters. We've seen individual stories for Tweek and Craig, and even Butters has had a few episodes. However, there's one character who deserves an episode more than anyone, and that's Gerald Broflovski. And judging from the most recent episode, it looks like Season 20 is going to be his year to shine.

Who is Gerald Broflovski?

The name may or may not sound familiar, and that's because he's better known as "Kyle's dad." Not many people notice Gerald on South Park, but over the series' run, he's created some hilarious antics with his controversial philosophies. From getting chummy with Randy Marsh in a hot tub, to now trolling the girls of South Park elementary on social media, Gerald has been quite adventurous for a middle-aged man.

We've known him for two decades, yet somehow Gerald has gone somewhat overlooked. Until now! Here are some of the most outrageous moments from Gerald Broflovski.

Gerald decides to get a "dolphinoplasty". See episode.
Gerald decides to get a "dolphinoplasty". See episode.

1. Gerald Trolls Social Media (Episode: 'Skank Alert')

In the most recent episode, a mysterious blogger has been going around, trolling all the girls of South Park elementary. Eventually, they have enough when they find out the bullying has pushed one of their own to commit Twitter suicide, meaning they'll no longer participate in Twitter (gasp in the room).

Multiple suspects get accused of the suspected trolling (especially Cartman), but no one ever gets close to the truth: Gerald Broflovski is the culprit. Yeah, Gerald spends his nights trolling people incessantly, mainly little girls, and he gets away with it too. Hell, Gerald even goes to his adopted son Ike to brag about his online exploits. Who knows, maybe that plot thread will be explored later this season — potentially seeing Gerald get some backlash for the trolling?

2. Gerald Becomes A Dolphin (Episode: 'Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina')

Despite Mr. Garrison's operation being the main focus of the episode, the event inspires Kyle and Gerald Broflovski to get some surgery of their own. And Gerald's choice is of a very interesting nature: he decides that he wants a "dolphinoplasty" to become a dolphin, his lifelong dream. Gerald does succeed, but the end result isn't quite what he expected, not even close.

3. Randy Gets Gerald Drunk (Episode: 'Two Guys Naked In A Hot Tub')

We can't attribute what happened in this episode just to Gerald Broflovski; Randy Marsh also had a hand in it (or two). But it takes two to tango ... especially in Mr. Mackey's hot tub.

4. Gerald Starts 'Cheesing' (Episode: 'Major Boobage')

In "Major Boobage," Gerald gets on the bandwagon with the new drug craze sweeping South Park, and it's all about cat pee. People, mostly kids, are using cat pee to get high — and Gerald finds a cat in Kyle's bag. The conflict results in Gerald taking the confiscated cat down to the cellar where he indulges himself with some cat pee. It's there that Gerald encounters Booberella, and fights Kenny for her in the Breastriary.

5. Gerald And Sheila Like To Role Play (Episode: 'Insecurity')

Kyle thinks he sees his mother having an affair with the UPS man. He tells his friends, and word spreads around town really fast. Soon, all the husbands of South Park are panicking, worried that the UPS men could be coming for their wives too. Of course, the reality is that Gerald was dressed up for a little role-playing with Kyle's mom. Nothing nasty going on there, except for a little freaky business between Mr. and Mrs. Broflovski.

6. Gerald Becomes A Yelper, And Gets The Yelper Special (Episode: 'You're Not Yelping')

The Yelping craze reaches South Park and everybody is voicing their opinions of local restaurants. Gerald and the entire squad of Yelpers take the town by storm, coercing restaurant owners into doing their bidding.

This forces restaurant owners to give into the ridiculous demands of Yelpers who eat in their restaurant; in exchange for good reviews, restaurants provide free food and extravagant service until they have enough of the Yelpers blackmailing them. Then the restaurant owners come up with a way to get even, without the Yelpers even knowing. Bet Gerald wishes he hadn't became a member of the Yelp-Elite, with the "Yelper Special" on the menu.

Those were just some of Gerald Broflovski's most hilarious moments on South Park so far, and he doesn't appear to be slowing down in the newest season. Were there any other hilarious moments from Gerald's past that I missed? And has Gerald garnered a spot on the list of funniest South Park characters? Let us know in the comments below!

South Park airs Wednesdays on Comedy Central.


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