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Let's face it—everything is getting personified nowadays. It's really no surprise considering most gaming franchises originated in a land where everything from pieces of hardware to train lines, to famous swords, to the actual prefectures of Japan, get the human touch (you haven't lived until you've seen Tokyo and Osaka shack up, let me tell ya).

And don't even get me started on Hetalia...
And don't even get me started on Hetalia...

So it should come as no surprise that just about every non-human game character out there has been anthropomorphized at one point or another.

And I mean every non-human game character.

From our favorite franchises to those one-off wonders, let's take a stroll through the world of Nintendo 'gijinka' and see what wonders await.

You Name It; We Got It! All Your Favorite Nintendo Characters are Going Human

1. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong's been rockin' the Nintendo scene since before Mario was saving princesses! You can imagine the human form of this beefy monkey of a man would be just as ripped as his simian visage.

And you'd be right.

That oh-so-recognizable tuft of hair, that signature tie... this stocky stud is as every much Donkey Kong as Donkey Kong himself is a banana-obsessed gorilla. Pixiv artist "ゆのすけ" has really captured the essence of this ground-pounding king of the jungle. And where would Donkey Kong be without his trusty sidekick, Diddy?

Artist "わへっぷ" gives our favorite flying, double-barrel-shooting monkey decidedly more clothes than his broad-chested uncle.

And let's not forget the ladies! Artist "おやつ" gives Diddy's pony-tailed girlfriend a look reminiscent of Toriyama Akira in this adorable rendition of the high-flying spider monkey.

2. Kirby

The world of Kirby personification goes back... way back, and it's a lot bigger than you'd think. I remember participating in online Japanese drawing boards such as the "Personified Kirby Expo" when I was still in middle school! And each new game brings with it a new slew of characters ripe for the human treatment.

Kirby's round, pink ball form is cute enough already, so you can imagine how huggable a little human version of the power-stealing star-rider might be.

I apologize in advance if I get a little carried away...


But seriously, these versions of human Kirby by artists "zilleniose," "しゅん," and "karepan" respectively make me squeal a little bit on the inside. I must have a thing for pink.

Kirby's not the only character in his games, however, and just about every other resident of Popstar has gotten a human makeover at some point or another.

What about Kirby's sometimes enemy, sometimes mentor Meta Knight?

Seen here in very bishounen-esque style by artist "monosakura."

And what about Popstar's inimitable penguin king?

Depicted here in fine form together with Kirby by talented artist "BechnoKid."

3. Star Fox

Moving away from the unbearably cute, we'll hit another of Nintendo's popular franchises, Star Fox, which brings with it a whole host of critters ripe for the personifying touch.

Pixiv artist "武田ほたる" takes an undeniably pretty route when giving the Star Fox and Star Wolf teams their human forms (would have liked to see Andrew and Pigma in the line-up, as well, but I'll take what I can get!).

For more rough-and-tumble versions of the motley crew, artist "sir-grimmington" has done a few head-shots of their own.

Really loving the wide-range of personalities and facial expressions on these. I can practically see them come to life in my head, piloting Arwings, doing barrel-rolls, and tossing around playfully biting banter at the same time.

Oh, and for the ladies...

...I bring you this lickable rendition of Fox and Wolf brought to you by "tlaloca."

4. Pikmin

Did you think I was gonna stop with the main franchises? Guess again! When I said "every non-human game character," I meant it.

Remember those lovable little flower-topped aliens that helped Captain Olimar recover the pieces to his spaceship? Now they come in human form, too!

Pixiv artist "雪鴨"'s human renditions of this colorful crew looks like it could be the cast for the next hit shounen anime.

Or how about this adorable version of a white Pikmin by artist "お米" (you can find the rest of the colors in their portfolio!)?

Not all Pikimin are cute, however, and this purple powerhouse by "りゅうちゃん~幻想絵師~" may very well give you nightmares:

5. Banjo and Kazooie

Who could forget the Rare classic Banjo-Kazooie, the unforgettable story of bear-meets-bird? More than a few artists have given us their interpretations on how this unlikely duo might look in the human world.

Artist "Duckstapler" takes the differences between these two heroes and multiplies them by eleven in her lively sketch that portrays their dynamic perfectly.

Or how about this little beauty by "Teddybear-93" that retains a bit of their animal forms while showing off Kazooie's winning personality?

6. Bomberman

Move over, Megaman—it's time to go Michael May on this collection! Considering his franchise is one of the most commercially successful of all time, it only seems right that there'd be some personified artwork floating around for him.

And boy, is he CUTE!

Pixiv artist "ころボン" has given us the most huggable rendition of Bomberman known to man.

But how could we leave out all the other Bomberman color varieties? Artist "ぴこまる" gives us a whole team of colorful, adorable Bombermans (men?) to assure that we'll be nothing more than piles of wiggling goo in our chairs.

7. Conker

This foul-mouthed squirrel with an attitude (and a drinking) problem was the first character to show us that not all cute games are intended for children. Even he's gotten the human treatment! Artist "Ribbedebie" has given him a fine makeover, portraying him as a short, stubble-strewn, buck-toothed ginger together with his chipmunk girlfriend Berri.

8. Mr. Game & Watch and Pac-Man

The Super Smash Bros. series re-introduced us to all sorts of old Nintendo favorites, each one now popular enough to get a variety of human forms thanks to zealous artists around the world.

Like this two-shot of best buds Mr. Game & Watch and Pac-Man by artist "USA(ゆーさ)."

Or this delightful rendition of all the Pac-Man characters by artist "FreakingArG."

9. Tetris

Who says all gijinka need to originate from characters that are, well, alive? Or would even be consider "characters" at all? Nothing can escape the quivering pen of a budding gijinka artist... NOTHING!

Not even Tetris.

What I wouldn't give to play Tetris using these adorable blocks. The vibrant colors and creative use of poses to represent the variously shaped Tetris blocks is pretty much brilliant, along with the way each block has its own personality (you'll never be able to look at your Tetris blocks the same way again). What's next? A heartrending story of the square block being bullied by the other blocks? A love story between the two different L-shaped blocks?! Watch out for the new Tetris film from director Christopher Nolan for all the dark, gritty secrets.

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