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Supergirl is making her move to the CW, home of the Flarrowverse, and her legendary cousin, Superman, is coming along for the ride. Everyone's favorite Big Blue Boy Scout will be played by Teen Wolf's Tyler Hoechlin in several episodes of Supergirl Season 2.

So far, we've gotten several pictures and a brief teaser for the superhero's reintroduction to TV but now, thanks to EW, we have the first clip from the Season 2 premiere, showcasing Superman and Supergirl working together to stop a shuttle from crashing. First, watch the clip:

And now let's break it down! Here are the things we can learn about what to expect from Hoechlin's version of Superman this season.

This Clark Kent Is Very Close To Christopher Reeve's Version

This version of Clark Kent is (thankfully) brighter and much more bumbling than what we've gotten recently, and the Christopher Reeve inspiration is evident. While a bumbling Clark Kent has been shown in comic books, that personality was firmly established by Christopher Reeve in Superman (1978). This will successfully maintain Supergirl's overall fun and relaxed tone while still giving us a pretty awesome Superman.

What I noticed as well is that the DCTV series have a particular way of showing a character's awkwardness: Having them bump into someone. It's happened with Melissa Benoist's Supergirl, Grant Gustin's Flash and now, with Superman. A trope, but an endearing one.

Perry White Is The DCTV Version Of J. Jonah Jameson

Perry White is always shown as not being very polite when it comes to dealing with his employees in almost every form of media he's been seen in. He's tough, hard-nosed, and doesn't take crap from people. But here, he just seems to really come down hard on Clark Kent. As I said, I know White isn't known for his people skills but from his very brief conversation, it looks like he isn't very fond of Kent's dorky ways.

We'll See The Iconic Superman Running Costume Change

Clark Kent ripping his shirt open to reveal the Superman logo has been a visual staple of the character for decades, his way of flipping the switch to "Business Time." We have yet to see it in the DCEU but, I have to tell you, if that never happens, I'm happy with this version.

While it does look a little bit awkward toward the end, the execution of it was incredible and reminiscent of both Christopher Reeve and Tom Welling's version of the Man of Steel, which got me even more pumped to see Superman take off.

Supergirl Now Seems To Be As Trusted By The Public As Superman

In this clip, the parallels between the cousins' relevance are obvious when news reports from National City and Metropolis each pray for their respective heroes to show up to the save the day. It shows how Supergirl and Superman are equals, and that she no longer stands in the shadow of her more famous cousin.

It was something that the show struggled with balancing in the first season. Though some fans wondered why he never really appeared, there was a valid reason why they never brought Superman into the fold in Season 1. Instead, they chose to bring him in after Cara Danvers/Supergirl had been established and could stand on her own, both as a character and with the audience.

"Hey, Cuz! This Looks Like A Job For The Both Of Us!"

Something I'm very glad about the direction of Season 2 is seeing Superman and Supergirl happy to be working together. I was a little worried about the Girl of Steel being reluctant to accept help from her cousin but that is not the case at all.

In the few seconds they spend together, they show great chemistry and give us a real sense of partnership and teamwork and I can't wait to see their relationship develop throughout the rest of the season.

The Special Effects Have Gotten Worlds Better Already

Understandably, the special effects on superhero TV shows aren't always that great and that was one of the major complaints of Supergirl on CBS in its first season. However, the SFX on the other CW shows, most notably The Flash, are always impressive. I was blown away by the ones shown in this brief clip. You get a sense of speed and weight to the things on screen.

When the shuttle was falling and Supergirl and Superman were trying to save it, I was completely sucked into what was happening thanks to the quality of the CGI. Hopefully, this bump in the effects gets extended for the rest of Season 2.

Overall Thoughts On The Season That's Just Around The Corner

When I first found out about Tyler Hoechlin's casting as the Man of Steel, I was a bit skeptical. Hence my surprise when he won me over with his first line, "I understand Mr. White." His portrayal of Superman, paired with his undeniable chemistry with Melissa Benoist make me extremely excited for his appearance in Supergirl and his future on TV. Supergirl Season 2 premieres on October 10 on The CW.

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