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Our favorite heroes are back! The quaint little town of Storybrooke and all its lovable characters have returned, and this time with a much bigger problem than they've ever faced before. It was no secret that Season 6 would see the characters encounter one of our most beloved princes: Aladdin. However, that wasn’t the biggest draw of the premiere. Mr. Hyde is in Storybooke now, and he owns it.

The episode begins with a flashback to many years ago, where we see Jafar talking to a pretty messed-up Aladdin. From their conversation, we learn that the Eastern prince, who happens to be the savior of his own story, is now a broken mess. Jafar then says something very telling to Aladdin:

"That’s why you never hear these words about a savior: 'They lived happily ever after.'"

Ruining Childhood Fairytales Since 2011

How did I not realize that until now? But of course it’s so true! Obviously, Emma is going to prove them wrong, but still, why does OUAT have to ruin almost every childhood story for us? I love the show, I do, but sometimes it would be nice if the showrunners just left some of our treasured childhood fairytales alone, and just allow our inner children to think they lived happily ever after. Why tell us this? Now I’m going to question so much. Thanks a lot, Adam Horowitz.

Also, can we acknowledge how disappointing Aladdin looks in real life? I don't know, maybe it’s because I thought he was so cute as a child, but seeing him now, it was just sort of meh. I’ll let it slide and just say it’s because Aladdin was messed up at the time.

Aladdin's Insane Friend

You know who wasn’t a disappointment, though? JAFAR! I absolutely love Oded Fehr and for those of you who don’t know or can’t remember where he’s from, he played Eval Lavin on Covert Affairs (I miss that show). The scene ends with Aladdin’s right hand starting to tremor and fades into present-day Storybrooke, where Emma and Hook trying to get a little alone time but are interrupted by a different kind of tremor. The whole gang heads out to the woods to see what the commotion is, where they discover that Mr. Hyde is in Storybrooke and now owns the town because Rumple sold it to him. Plus, Hyde has brought some friends with him.

Courtesy of Tumblr.
Courtesy of Tumblr.

Emma? She's A Dilemma

As they’re salvaging the wreckage, Emma touches something and starts seeing visions of a battle. Her hand then starts to tremor. Hook asks her if she’s alright, and she lies. *Facepalm*. She tries to ignore it, but the tremors keep happening, especially when they are trying to overpower Mr Hyde.

Regina is the distraction and Emma is supposed to zap him with a device Jekyll built, but she begins to experience visions and hand tremors. Regina is shouting for help and what I couldn’t wrap my head around is while Emma was clearly unable to do her part, there were three very able-bodied people who could have jumped in and helped. But they didn’t. I get that Emma is the savior and everything, but seriously, does no one have initiative? Jump in when she can’t! No wonder it’s taking so much out of her.

Emma finally snaps out of it and they mange to subdue Mr. Hyde, who mentions his tremors to Emma as they're walking away. How did no one hear that but Emma? He didn’t exactly whisper. I don’t understand. Naturally, she asks him what he knows, and he tells her to follow the red bird. Ooh, mysterious!

Later on in the woods alone, Hook asks Emma what’s going on, and she lies, saying that she’s fine, but her hand is clearly shaking. I volunteer to smack Emma Swan, because the girl has learnt nothing. After all this time, how hasn’t she realized that keeping secrets does nothing for no one! And lying to Hook never ends well! It’s like we take one step forward and three steps back with her. There was character development from Season 1–3, but since then Emma has been much the same. She needs to get over herself and stop trying to carry everything on her shoulders.

She seriously has the most supportive and hopeful family ever. Ever. Yet she constantly lies and keeps secrets. No wonder she’s going to die. Yes, you read that right. After Emma lies to Hook and demands he leave her alone (someone needs to give Hook an award for best boyfriend ever, because I have no idea how he puts up with her), she spots that red bird and follows it. Guys, the red bird is CLEARLY Iago, right? I thought he was Jafar's pet, but in this episode he happens to be the pet of an oracle who tells Emma that her visions are of the future, and then shows her that future.

In said vision, on that day and through that battle is how she dies. Joke's on them, the future is always changing. Also, the main character simply cannot die. Hyde then tells Emma that the villain of her story will ultimately be the death of her. So now I’ve been racking my brain, trying to figure out who her Big Bad is. So far the list includes:

  • Rumpelstiltskin: He’s never really liked her and with his own drama, who knows what could happen?
  • The Evil Queen: Although she happens to be Snow White's nemesis, maybe that could transfer to Snow’s daughter.

Rumple In The Jungle ... Of Lurve

Let’s talk about Rumple. He’s on a quest to wake Belle. He makes his way into Belle’s dreams and there he meets Morpheus. Morpheus tells him he has an hour to wake Belle, and so Rumple decides to reenact the moment where they fell in love. Everything seems to be going splendidly. Belle is making tea, she almost drops the teacup, he catches it, they start dancing to the Beauty and the Beast theme song, they kiss — but it doesn’t work. Belle is reminded of all the lies, all the heartbreak, and refuses to take him back. Right there Morpheus makes an appearance and is happy Belle didn’t choose Rumple, then announces that he would be the one to wake her up.

So I’m trying to figure out who he is — maybe Belle's one true love, maybe a new love interest — but nope! Major bomb, he turns out to be RumpleBelle’s unborn baby. He asks his mother not to choose Rumple before planting a kiss on her forehead, and with that Belle wakes from her slumber. Her motherly instincts are already kicking in, because as soon as she wakes and Rumple says to go home, she hits him with what will be my second quote:

"I’ll go back, but I will not make a home with you."

I won’t lie, I felt a little sympathy for Rumple in that moment. Not only has he lost his wife, but also his unborn son. So now he’s lost two sons before he could even make it up to them. I really hope he finds a way to get them both back this season, because it just isn’t fair. Maybe villains just don’t get a happy ending. Period.

Evil Has A New Name

Meanwhile, Regina is healing, not only from having lost Robin but also her other half, and it turns out she and Zelena are living together with the baby. Zelena tells Regina that Roland gave her a feather of Robin's to give to Regina, but she’s misplaced it. It causes confused feelings for Regina, who by the end of the episode realizes it’s because she blames Zelena for the death of Robin. Jelena also happens to be savoring some anger because she’s mad that Regina destroyed the Evil Queen, the part most like her. With that, the two sisters fall out and Zelena and the baby move out.

She walks into her old home and is greeted by the queen, who offers her a drink — and I think this could be the start of a very bad sisterhood. Evil Queen and Zelena? I smell trouble brewing. While Zelena is maybe bonding with the queen, Regina and Snow are having the cutest heart to heart ever. Regina apologizes for being so awful, insists she’s going to change, holds Snow's hand, and as they’re walking away, a feather, which I’m assuming is Robin's, falls on the bench right where Regina was sitting.

So all in all, the premiere was pretty good. There were things that could have been done a little better but ultimately Season 6 of Once Upon A Time looks promising. Episode 2, entitled "A Bitter Draught," will air next Sunday evening, October 2, on ABC.


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