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It has been quite a long time since we last saw anything from BBC crime-drama . We were all left in a slight state of shock with the Season 2 finale and with Jamie Dornan being brought into the world of and Gillian Anderson returning to , some of us wondered if a third season would ever see the light of day. But luckily for us, the third and final season is almost upon us!

It's already airing in England on BBC Two, but it doesn't return to Netflix for U.S. viewers until October 29, 2016. The finale to this series should prove to be interesting and intense. If it's anything like the previous two seasons, we are definitely in for a treat.

Anyone who hasn't watched The Fall yet, I highly recommend checking it out because it really is a phenomenal series. If you're a fan of shows like The Killing or True Detective, you will love it. Plus, each season is made up of just 5-6 episodes. It won't take you long to catch up. But if you have seen it and need a refresher, here's where it's been and where it may be going...

Spoiler Alert: this article contains spoilers from The Fall Seasons 1-2. You have been warned!

Image via BBC
Image via BBC

Where Did Season 2 Leave Us?

If you can't remember what happened, don't worry. It has been a long time. There was a lot going on at the end of Season 2, so perhaps it would be easier to just take things one character at a time.

Paul Spector

Paul was apprehended by the police after a scuffle with the jealous husband of a former client of his. He was subsequently charged with the murders of Sarah Kay, Joseph Brawley and Rose Stagg. After his pregnant wife, Sally Anne, gives a false alibi in an attempt to protect him, she suffers a miscarriage while being interrogated by police over her spotty story.

He eventually strikes a deal with Stella Gibson to lead police to the body of Rose Stagg in exchange for a visit with his daughter. While handcuffed to DS Tom Anderson, he is shot by the jealous husband and the finale fades without notifying us of Spector's fate.

DS Stella Gibson

Shortly after a close encounter with Paul Spector himself, and engaging in a sexual relationship with DS Tom Anderson, her team is successful in capturing Paul Spector. Frantic to find Rose Stagg alive, Stella devises a plan to strike a deal with Paul in exchange for the location of the body.

Stella and her team find Rose barely alive in the woods, but her victory is short-lived after an angry ex-client of Paul's shows up and opens fire. The season wraps with Stella tending to Paul as he drifted out of consciousness.

Sally Ann Spector

Sally Ann has been a fairly sympathetic figure throughout the series (so far), but this quality has gotten her into some pretty hot water. After discovering she was married to Ireland's most wanted man, she decides to separate from Paul, which led to him giving a false confession to engaging in a sexual affair with their underage babysitter. Even after these events unfold, she gives police a false alibi to cover up Paul's whereabouts after he is arrested. Oh, she's also pregnant with a third child.

Unfortunately for her, the false alibi falls apart and she is confronted with the possibility of jail time herself for lying to the police about Paul. As mentioned above, the stress of the situation causes Sally Ann to miscarry while in police custody.

Katie Benedetto

Aside from Paul, Katie is probably the most conniving and imaginative character on The Fall. In addition to devising a ridiculously detailed plan to help Paul get away from his murderous activities, she gets roped into a secret life with Paul in which the pair maintain they have been involved in a sexual affair — despite Katie being underage.

We last saw Katie being brought into police custody as an accomplice to Paul Spector after she was caught red-handed trying to destroy and hide evidence in a hotel room. We don't really know what is in Katie's future, but hopefully she finds a way to break her obsession with Paul.

What Could Happen In Season 3?

Image via BBC
Image via BBC

BBC viewers already have some answers, but for Netflix viewers in the U.S., it's still a guessing game!

Like we said, Stella's victory on capturing Paul Spector might be more short-lived than we originally thought. Paul being shot on site by an ex-client not only puts his life in jeopardy, but it puts the police investigation in jeopardy. If he is incapacitated or dead, the police very well wouldn't be able to put the pieces together regarding his murders, break-ins, and false alibi's given by both his wife and former babysitter.

However, the cliffhanger ending of Season 2 doesn't guarantee that Paul is a dead man. Series writer and director Alan Cubitt has said,:

"The cliffhanger ending of season two was conceived in the hope of further exploring the characters and the themes that are at the heart of The Fall."

Image via BBC
Image via BBC

Regarding the dynamic between Stella and Paul, it's a bit of an unknown on whether we will see more face-to-face interaction between the two. While we did have a back and forth relationship between Stella and Paul throughout the series so far, a majority of it took place via clues, notes, and individual dialogue. We didn't see a face-to-face meeting between the two until after Paul was arrested at the end of Season 2.

As far as the other characters go, it's really only a question of what will happen to Katie and Sally Ann. After all, both of their alibis and fake stories were pretty much ripped apart by the police, so both of them are facing some pretty hefty consequences on their own. It would be an interesting turn of events if Katie and/or Sally Ann join Paul in prison, even for a short while.

Similar to the first two seasons, Season 3 will only contain six episodes and will serve as the series finale. In addition to returning cast members, we will also have several new characters introduced and we don't know what or whose side they will be on.

Season 3 of The Fall hits Netflix on October 29, 2016.


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