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WARNING: This article contains Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage spoilers! Read at your own risk.

Luke Cage hit our screens on September 30, and is in the spotlight with her incredible performance as Claire Temple. The actress has become so popular amongst Marvel fans ever since the first season of Daredevil aired last year, that many have even declared Temple as their favorite hero.

And after her performances in every Netflix/Marvel team-up, some fans are even requesting a Claire Temple spinoff show!

So how did a supposedly sidelined character like Claire Temple get to be one of the greatest characters on Marvel/Netflix shows — and what makes her such a strong presence?

Dawson first played Claire Temple in Daredevil and later cameoed in Jessica Jones, before making her most recent appearance in Luke Cage. In her Jessica Jones cameo in the episode titled "AKA Smile," Temple remarked that she's always running into people with special abilities:

"I'm not special. I just keep running into special."

Well, I'm thankful Temple keeps running into special, because I can't get enough of her (although I would argue that she's very special, too)! One thing is certain: Temple rocks and if you want to know exactly what makes her so awesome, here are five reasons why is Netflix/Marvel's badass who we can't help but love.

5. Temple Is The Queen

Claire Temple, seen here in "Daredevil," has healing hands.
Claire Temple, seen here in "Daredevil," has healing hands.

Recent years have proven that fans love crossovers (I know I do) and as Marvel Television is establishing the MCU on Netflix, it's looking into using crossover characters to substantiate the authenticity of its cinematic world.

Temple isn't just any crossover character; we get to know her in many situations, and that makes her feel real. She has been the glue that holds Daredevil, Jessica Jones and now Luke Cage's worlds together. Essentially, Temple is the manifestation of everything we love in crossovers. If she makes an appearance in Iron Fist, then the pre-Defenders cycle will be complete!

Her cameos in Daredevil and Jessica Jones serve a clear functional purpose for the plot, and they aren't just filler scenes, thanks to her particular set of skills. Without her, Matt Murdock would have died in a dumpster in Daredevil episode "Cut Man" — and this was only the very first time she saved him.

4. Her Badass Medical Expertise

She's handy with a thread and surgical scissors.
She's handy with a thread and surgical scissors.

As already mentioned, Claire Temple is extremely skillful. She started off as a night-shift nurse at Metro-General Hospital, but she quickly showed us she's not any old typical nurse, having saved Daredevil and Luke Cage using abilities that surgeons take years to master.

She demonstrated the extent of her ingenuity in the Luke Cage ep "Take It Personal," when her on-the-spot problem-solving capabilities saved Luke from the wounds of the Judas Bullet's shrapnel. Her moxie is more than impressive!

3. Claire Temple Is Fearless And Resilient

Claire Temple wonders who would do such a thing.
Claire Temple wonders who would do such a thing.

Temple can put up a fight and withstand anything that comes her way. She's been abducted by the Russian mob, tortured, held hostage and chased, but nothing holds her back. In fact, she's always able to come out stronger. No matter how grim things seem to be, Temple is able to keep going forward, always. After the events of the first season of Daredevil, she could have walked away, but she didn't because Claire Temple doesn't stop fighting for what she believes in, despite how scary a situation might be. Her morals hold her accountable, making her an amazing on-screen character to bind these shows together.

2. Temple Is Our Moral Compass

Jessica Jones just got schooled.
Jessica Jones just got schooled.

Claire Temple is our ' moral compass. Her sense of justice and duty guide her decisions. She left Metro-General because hospital administrators were covering up the events of Daredevil's Season 2. She refused to stand by and let it happen.

Temple calls it as she sees it and she's not afraid to tell Matt Murdock, and when she sees them do something wrong. Without Temple's guidance, Murdock would have given in to his Christian guilt; Jones only had a brief interaction with Temple, but Temple set her straight; Luke wouldn't have become Luke Cage without Temple's pep talk. In the season finale of Luke Cage, Luke looks at her for support and she tells him to "remember who you are," enabling him to take out Diamondback.

Her sense of justice is one of her greatest assets because it keeps her, and the super people of New York City, morally and emotionally motivated.

1. Ultimately, Claire Temple Takes The Initiative That These Shows Need

If she wants to do something, she'll go for it. It's clear that Temple doesn't sit around waiting for things to happen. She decided to leave Hell's Kitchen and move back to Harlem and the first thing we see her do is go after the guy who snatched her bag, saying in the Luke Cage ep "Manifest":

"Sometimes, if you want justice, you have to get it yourself."

During the hostage sequence in Harlem's Paradise, she could have chosen to wait, but instead she went after Misty and Luke, who wouldn't have been able to make it out alive without her. Claire's initiative and sense of justice make her who she is: The glue that holds Netflix's MCU together!

Iron Fist will premiere March 17, 2017 and is the final installment before the Defenders, so we'll have to wait to see if Claire Temple will make an appearance! Check out the promo below:


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