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Gotham's Season 3, Episode 3 introduced a new villain to the Gotham City crime scene, the one known from the comics as the Mad Hatter.

Portrayed by Benedict Samuel — formerly known as the Alpha Wolf of The Walking Dead Jervis Tetch is a well-known Batman adversary, having made his first appearance in Batman Issue 49, back in 1948. He's a very complex villain, so let's dive into four facts that will give you an idea about what his presence could mean for the Gotham story arc.

1. He Doesn't Use Magic To Control People's Minds — He Uses Technology

The Mad Hatter is a scientist. He invents and uses technological mind-controlling devices in order to manipulate people for his own ill-gotten gain. In Episode 3, we saw how he uses his watch to get inside his victim's mind in a bid to influence them. What a jerk.

2. He's A Guy With Issues. Lots Of Issues

Jervis Tetch is a man with severe mental illness, who has lots of obsessions — hats, and Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, for instance. He's delusional and fascinated with inventing all kinds of stories, which he often confuses with reality. It was also suggested in several of the graphic novels that the character was a pedophile who would kidnap children and force them to role play characters from the works of Carroll. He was a patient at Arkham Asylum and as a supervillain he fought Batman for many years.

3. He Was A Member Of The Secret Six

Tetch was one of the members of Secret Six, a team of villains that fought against the Secret Society Of Super Villains. The Hatter was recruited by Thomas Blake, the original Catman, in order to help them face the nefarious Edgar Cizko, a.k.a Doctor Psycho. So. Many. Villains!

4. He's A Genius

In case that wasn't already clear, Jervis Tetch has a raging intellect. He's a neuroscientist (or at least, he was at some point in his past), but his criminal instincts and his mental health issues turned him into the supervillain we know him as today.

Got any other thoughts about the Mad Hatter? Please leave them in a comment below. Gotham returns next Monday, on Fox. Watch the promo for Episode 4 below:


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