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Loving explores the marriage of Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple whose union shook a nation and became a pillar for the civil rights movement.

In 1958, the Lovings were arrested and each sentenced to a year in jail because their marriage violated Virgina's antiquated anti-miscegenation law. Ultimately, their case, Loving v. Virginia, was taken to the Supreme Court where the Pace v. Alabama was overturned and all race-based marriage restrictions were abolished.

Their case came to light again 2015 in when it was used to help United States Supreme Court decide to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide.

Historically, the Lovings have played an integral role in helping support love of all kinds, so it's only fitting that they have their own means of spreading love in the digital age.

Today, Focus Features released a new app that aims to celebrate love in all of its many forms. With the Love-Moji keyboard extension, users will be able to access emojis depicting hand-holding and kissing couples of multiple genders and ethnicities.

Love-Mojis, People
Love-Mojis, People

Considering the relatively limited selection of couples on the Apple emoji keyboard, Love-Moji will be a welcome addition to my phone.

To start using Love-Moji, all you have to do is download the app from the Apple store or visit

Love-Mojis, People
Love-Mojis, People

Also included in the rollout are new Twitter emojis. To use these emojis, all you have to do is share a tweet while using the hashtags or , and a small image of an interracial couple will populate.

Twitter Loving emojis, People
Twitter Loving emojis, People

Start showing Loving some love today by using these awesome emojis!

Loving stars Ruth Negga (Preacher) as Mildred Loving and Joel Edgerton (The Gift) as Richard Loving. And acting as the film's screenwriter and director is Jeff Nichols (Mud).

To learn more about the lives of Richard and Mildred, the real-life inspiration for Focus Features' Loving, watch our video below.

Loving will be released in theaters starting November 4, 2016.


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