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There is no denying that the last two seasons of Arrow were really mediocre as they were filled with soap opera nonsense, bad writing and dialogue, poor fight sequences, and a overall extremely disappointing when compared to the greatness of the first two seasons.

Now, we are entering the show's fifth season and this is the show's last chance to redeem itself. This next installment of the series is promising to return to its darker roots and cut out most of the drama that angered many fans last season while introducing new vigilantes such as Wild Dog and Artemis along with awesome new villains like Prometheus and Tobias Church (played by Chad. L Coleman from The Walking Dead).

The Season Premiere Showed The Fans that Season 5 is Going To Be Awesome

Arrow's big new villain — Prometheus.
Arrow's big new villain — Prometheus.

Despite these promises and the awesome, badass trailers we have received over these past few months, people still refuse to believe that Arrow can redeem itself. As as a huge fan of the show, I lifted my head up and hoped for the best. However, if this season manages to disappoint, I will have to drop the show once and for all. Now, I don't think that will happen as the season premiere was on last night and there is no denying that this was an awesome start to the season!

The first episode of the fifth season, "Legacy," blew the minds of many fans (including myself) at how great the episode turned out to be. The series was once very popular for its high quality and nowadays, it is looked upon as a secondary show in the Arrow-verse, trailing behind The Flash (no pun intended). When the CW was planning the connected universe across all of their DC shows, their original plan was for the Green Arrow to be the main character, similar to how Batman or Superman usually are in the comics or in the blockbuster movies. In reality, due to the popularity of his show, the Flash is the superhero who takes the spotlight.

Why am I even bringing up the connected universe? That's because the reason why the show has decreased in quality is because it had to set up other TV series such as The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Now that Arrow can focus on itself and not worry about setting up the universe (as much), the quality will rise.

The Show Has Returned To Its Darker Roots

That one had to hurt!
That one had to hurt!

Arrow has always worked at its darkest moments, which is why Seasons 1 and 2 worked so well. It's for the same reason comic book fans hate campy Batman. In the Arrow universe, we have three super fun shows —The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. Therefore, having Arrow be a really dark show baed in reality shouldn't be a problem. If you look at the most critically-acclaimed TV shows, most of them are usually very dark and gritty, excluding The Flash.

"Legacy" had everything right from the pacing of the episode to the writing and tone. The show also sees Oliver go back to killing people and that should be an important theme throughout the season. The action was jammed-pack all throughout the episode and the choreography was spot on. In fact, I would have to say this some of the best choreography and action we've seen on the show yet. Hopefully, it gets better from here on out. While the dark tone and the awesome action was a hit with the fans, it's not the only thing that indicated we're in for an amazing season.

Felicity's Character Is Fixed And Back To Normal!

I know, I can't believe it either.
I know, I can't believe it either.

Even if Arrow managed to go back to its roots and fixed all of its issues, fans were still unsure due to one character: Felicity. Her character had degraded into a heap of emotions in the past few seasons, but I was surprised how quickly Felicity was right back to normal in the premiere. In a promo for the Flash next week, we see Felicity talking to Barry about Flashpoint and she seemed a lot better. Even so, I was wildly impressed of the show's ability to completely flip the switch back on and now, it looks like we have our good old Felicity back. It may take a few more episodes to get the bad taste out of our mouth's but it seems quirky, nerdy, and fun Felicity is here to stay!

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Out With The Old, In With The New

The new Team Arrow
The new Team Arrow

Team Arrow was getting old towards the end of the fourth season. They spiced things up and killed off the Black Canary and now, Diggle and Thea are on a temporary leave from the team. This left Oliver and Felicity as the only ones on the team and we saw a very interesting arc this past episode where Felicity addresses the elephant in the room: They are very low on staff and they need more recruits. Oliver is heavily against recruiting new members and putting more people on the streets after what happened to Laurel. After remembering what she said about passing on the mantle, Oliver ultimately decided that it was time to assemble a new team.

The new Team Arrow will feel fresh and new and will elevate the show with an abundance of new characters. Curtis, Wild Dog and Evelyn Sharp will be Oliver's three new recruits and we will see a great story arc where Oliver will treat them too harshly and will have to learn to open up a little bit and have trust for his new partners.

The Flashbacks Are Watchable

One of the worst parts of the past two seasons of the series were the unwatchable flashbacks that took up a good chunk of each episode. The flashbacks were insanely boring while the story and characters itself were not appealing in the slightest. In the flashbacks of Season 5, we will see how Oliver became apart of Bratva and attempt to kill Constantin Kovar, who will be the main villain in the flashbacks and possibly the present.

Oliver is also teaming up with his old friend, Anatoly, who was a character from the good flashbacks in Season 2. From what we saw in both the advertising and the season premiere, it seems like the flashbacks will actually be at least watchable if not entertaining this season.

The Villains

Bring on Prometheus!
Bring on Prometheus!

The villains on Arrow last season were very dull for the most part besides some little shining moments from Anarky and a few other smaller villains. When Damien Darhk was first announced to be the main villain of Season 4 two summers ago and we found out what to except from him, I already knew that this was going to be a mediocre villain. Was I wrong? Darhk was an underwhelming villain whose concept may have sounded great on paper but didn't succeed on the small screen.

On the other hand, Arrow seems to be bringing on some very interesting and powerful villains this season. In the flashbacks, we will see Oliver and Anatoly team up to defeat the Russian government strongman Constantin Kovar, who seems like a smart and brutal boss for Oliver to defeat. In the present, we have Prometheus who looks like he is going to kick some ass this season! I can't wait to see what the show does with his character.

Another villain is Tobias Church, played by Chad Coleman from The Walking Dead. He is a crime lord who is aiming to take it over a coalition of all the gangs of Star City and from what we saw from him in "Legacy," it makes me think he will be a very exciting secondary villain, similar to Brother Blood in Season 2 to Deathstroke.

All in all, "Legacy" was an awesome episode and a great start to the fifth season! It showed off many different great things and it shows its viewers to hold in there as Arrow is about to redeem itself. Just hang in there, guys!


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