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Kristen Stewart has wowed fans with her dazzling Brienne of Tarth hair fantasy, but has she gotten herself a new girlfriend, too? Step right up to get your fix of unsubstantiated, titillating fluff from the rumor mill!

If you get to Twilight-level fame and beyond, everyone's gonna be interested in who you're dating, and K-Stew is no exception. We 'shipped her long-term love with Alicia Cargile and cheered her on in other dating exploits, but there's no evidence as yet that Kristen and Annie Clark (stage name St. Vincent) are dating other than the fact they've been seen hanging out a couple times.

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Here's the last time Kristen and Cara Delevingne's ex, St. Vincent, hung out. By now you're probably thinking what I'm thinking: hanging out with someone twice in a month doesn't mean you're dating! Still, they'd make a cute couple, and YAY for queer visibility so let's tentatively humor the gossip mill for a while.

There are also unsubstantiated rumors that Cara Delevingne has been dating Amber Heard, so let's pray to the lesbian druids that this is true because celesbians give me LIFE, even if my paltry human form looks all the more like a mutated turnip in comparison.

As Kristen herself once said about relationships: You just never fucking know...


Is Kristen Stewart dating St. Vincent?


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