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Warning: Spoilers or potential Spoilers from The Flash Season 3.

The Flash marked its return to television screens for its third season a few weeks back, with the beginning of its version of Flashpoint. While many fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the entire event being the basis for one hourlong episode, I feel that spending an entire season covering the repercussions of an event as pivotal as Flashpoint does more to show the importance of the event, rather than the distress created during the event itself.

In terms of comic material, it's essentially like how the comic arc itself was released in parts over the course of a yearlong event, whereas its repercussions have been felt since the beginning of The New 52 and continue to be felt with Rebirth. However, a key part of is its villains, so let's get into what and who we may be seeing this season:

Mark Hamill Will Return Soon — But As Whom?

Last time Mark Hamill made an appearance, it was as the Trickster, a lesser-known rogue whose costume is similar to that of a jester. Hamill's portrayal bore more than a passing resemblance to , a character he's voiced in various animated media over the past 20 years.

However, there have been a series of set photos leaked from an episode of The Flash that's currently filming. These images appear to depict Hamill dressed more like the Joker than the Trickster. While we can't show the images themselves since they're leaks from the set, a quick and easy google search should get you what you need.

The context of the leaked images remains unclear, but what is very noticeable is the presence of Jay Garrick, and the machine gun being held by Hamill. While such a weapon is commonly associated with gangsters, this type of weapon should be considered commonplace on Earth-Three, given its permanence in the past. Garrick says that his world is currently in the year 1998, but keeping to that older time-period feel, it would make sense that Hamill would be wielding an older gun.

That being said, Barry Allen will most likely be present to assist Jay and take note of the similarities between this Earth's Hamill character and his Earth's Hamill character. I get the impression that this is another incarnation of the Trickster who may go by name of the Joker.

This Is Not A Result Of Flashpoint

As noted by the return of Harrison Wells in the last episode, we've learned that the repercussions of Flashpoint only affect the Earth on which the event occurred. This also seems to defeat the fan theory that Flashpoint would lead to something similar to Crisis On Infinite Earths as the plot for the crossover, which drops next month. This also means Supergirl will remain unaffected by Flashpoint and to some extent Legends of Tomorrow. That's not to say that the Trickster hasn't been affected by Flashpoint, though, so there's still a chance we'll see him return once again as a more true-to-form Joker. For all we know, this is just a test run to see how popular a full-on Joker voiced and played by Hamill would be.

For the time being, it's safe to say that at the very least, this iteration of the Trickster is going to be from Earth-Three and far more like the Joker than his counterpart whom we last saw around a year ago. The noticeably paler skin, purple suit and somewhat purple hair (may be the lighting) do suggest the Joker is in town, but if it is in fact the Clown Prince of Crime, he won't be making it a well-known fact just yet.

When Does This Come Into Play?

Obviously, it's big news that Hamill is returning to The Flash, which would prompt a leak from the set; however, I can't get past Jay Garrick being in one of the pictures, as if it's supposed to be a dead giveaway that this takes place on Earth-Three. Why would Barry go to Earth-Three and help Jay stop the Trickster from robbing banks?

The easy answer is that Barry just got swept into the goings-on of Earth-Three. But the Trickster played such a key role in the winter finale last year, and Hamill is such a high-caliber asset for the show, I doubt the producers would just throw him into the mix as a rogue for no reason. Given the current film schedule hinted at by Stephen Amell on his Facebook page, it would seem that the four CW shows have begun filming beyond the crossover earlier this week. With that in mind, it's likely that this episode will immediately follow the crossover event, and Hamill is the perfect villain to advertise and keep people interested after such an intense set of episodes.

It's also likely we'll be seeing Barry return to Earth-Three to discuss the events of the crossover with Jay because of his resemblance to Henry Allen as well as his fatherly nature toward Barry in Episode 2 a week ago.

So that's my take on the whole "Mark Hamill dressed as the Joker" conundrum. Let me know what you think of this theory and feel free to drop your own theories in the comments!

Watch The Flash Season 3, Episode 4 Tuesday night, 8 p.m. on The CW. Check out a sneak peek of the coming episode below.


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