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Justin Bieber is never afraid to showcase brave new looks. From dousing his languid locks with peroxide to sporting a street-sweeping crotch in the name of fashion, we have seen the Biebz styling it out in so many different ways. But none of them can hold a candle to this latest bizarre look.

The 22-year-old star was recently spotted strolling around Amsterdam sporting a rather unusual look that was more 'The Get Down costume party on a budget' than Justin Bieber.

Clearly the star was trying to sport a disguise while also showcasing his cheeky sense of humor, but there is no denying that the results were 100 percent pure-distilled WTF.

Weirdly, the costume did seem to be remarkably effective and no passers by stopped to bother the Biebs — probably because he looked totally deranged. Unfortunately for Justin, it wasn't enough to fool the predatory paps and TMZ still managed to get video footage of the singer.

Although Justin's disguise left a lot to be desired, he isn't the only celeb to go out in public rocking a truly unconvincing ensemble in a misguided attempt to go unnoticed. Below are some of the most mental efforts:

Harry Styles

Harry styles has chosen to wig out in public to conceal his true identity, but according to this Twitter user, it definitely seems to have been working!

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson wasn't fooling anyone with his bushy face furniture, but at least it made him appear like the shifty individual he is.

Corey Feldman

I guess it's hard to tell who is lurking under this disguise, but it couldn't be described as "good" by any stretch of the imagination.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Is it just me or does Leo look like he in intently smelling the crotch of some granny panties? No. Just No.


What do you think Justin Bieber should try for his next disguise?


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