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News announcements for superhero movies are like buses: You wait for ages for one and then two come along at once. Except for Wolverine 3, which has been like the Port Authority Bus terminal recently, with numerous teases and tidbits being released over the past few weeks.

And much like public transport, most of it is good (the analogy is losing steam already). The official title has been confirmed as Logan. A tantalising movie poster has been released. Boyd Holbrook has been confirmed as the main villain, Donald Pierce. Essentially, the claws are sharpening in the run-up to Hugh Jackman's superhero swansong in March 2017.

The Wrap has joined in its own motorway of confirmations by revealing news on a number of roles in the film, and depending how you look at it, it's good and bad. While there has now been confirmation Logan will feature the heavily rumored X-23, another villain will be conspicuously missing.

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Mister Sinister Won't Appear In Logan After All

Mister Sinister was expected to feature [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Mister Sinister was expected to feature [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Since the discreet yet fan-baiting post-credit scene in X-Men: Apocalypse, the inclusion of Mister Sinister in Wolverine 3 was seen as a given, helped in large part by Simon Kinberg essentially confirming as much in the audio commentary of the home release. He explained that, rather than tease Deadpool 2, the post-credit scene would link to the upcoming solo Wolverine movie.

The later announcement of Richard E. Grant's inclusion in Fox's superhero feature, starring as what was described as a "mad scientist." Considering Mister Sinister's profile, it appeared all but confirmed that the British actor was about to take on the role.

However, The Wrap confirm that Grant's mad scientist will in fact be Dr. Zander Rice, and not Sinister as expected. That's not to say Rice won't be a worthy addition to the film. In the comics, he is the son of Dale Rice, the scientist who worked on the original Weapon X project and was later killed by Wolverine.

Crucially, Rice later works on rejuvenating the Weapon X treatment and created — you guessed it — X-23. His intention was to create a mutant murderous child, but he clashed with fellow scientist Dr. Kinney, disagreeing with her decision to create a female clone of Wolverine and forcing her to be X-23's surrogate mother.

But X-23 Will Make Her Debut

X-23 in the comics [Credit: Marvel Comics]
X-23 in the comics [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Although Sinister won't feature, the child mutant (and later on a successor to Wolverine) X-23 has now been confirmed, with actress Sienna Novikov playing Laura Kinney. The plot of Logan will explore X-23's relationship with Wolverine, as well as the governmental project, known as Transigen.

Set in the year 2024, Transigen is a government organization with the mission to turn young mutants into murderous weapons, due to the reduction in the number of mutant births. Rice will be the the head of the project, while the recently announced Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) will be the head of security for the same organization.

There's no doubt that Dr. Zander Rice and Donald Pierce will be intriguing villains in Logan, but that doesn't take away from the disappointment of Sinister's lack of involvement. It's particularly disappointing consider the level of warranted speculation to his involvement.

It could still be insinuated Sinister is running things behind the scenes (The Wrap mention a post-credit scene is possible). Nevertheless a villain of that stature — and a common denominator in the X-Verse — would've been interesting to see on the big screen.

Still, with the introduction of the time-travelling Cable in Deadpool 2, as well as X-23 in Logan, the future of Fox's superhero universe looks promising indeed, suggesting there will be life after Wolverine.


Are you disappointed Mister Sinister won't feature in Logan?

(Source: The Wrap)


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