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Here's Every Upcoming Live-Action Disney Movie Scheduled For Release, Including 'Mulan', 'Aladdin' And 'The Lion King'

By David Opie ⋅ Posted on October 17, 2016 at 10:39am

Does the release of yet another live-action #Disney adaptation fill your heart with magic and wonder, or resentment and despair? Whether you're a fan of Disney's live-action resurgence or continue howling wildly into the abyss as your childhood memories are torn asunder, it's vital that you stay up-to-date with Disney's upcoming release schedule.

For every successful remake such as Cinderella or The Jungle Book, there's also Alice In Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glass: two recent 'successes' that took a hatchet to our love of Disney with all the finesse of a rusty butcher's knife.

Indeed... [Via Disney Animation]

To help you out, we’ve come up with a guide to the most anticipated new Live-Action Disney Movie releases of 2017 & beyond. From #Aladdin to Pirates of the Caribbean 5, check out our comprehensive list of new & upcoming Live-Action Disney films. Whether you’re more of a #SnowWhite or a #Simba fan, these latest Live-Action Disney flicks will keep you joyful for weeks. With great new movies coming out week after week, these upcoming #Disney releases are sure to liven up the next few months!

1. The Little Mermaid

[Via Disney Animation]

This remake of one of Disney's most iconic properties was originally announced in May 2016, but the project hasn't developed much in recent months, aside from losing a number of key people who were once attached to the project. First, directors Sofia Coppola and Joe Wright dropped out in quick succession, and then actress Chloe Grace-Mortez abandoned the title role following her decision to take a hiatus from acting. Right now, it seems like no one wants to be part of The Little Mermaid's world after all!

2. Mulan

[Via Disney Animation]

As one of the few upcoming Disney adaptations that actually holds a confirmed release date, hopes are high that Mulan will match the dizzying heights of the original. Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek's live-action script is currently undergoing a rewrite from Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (War of the Planet of the Apes), but the one aspect of development that everyone's talking about most is the potential casting.

Rumors of a white lead actor caused outrage among advocates of the #whitewashedOUT movement; fortunately, it looks like Disney are set to use an Asian cast that will remain true to the story's origins. If they pull it off, Disney's live action Mulan could provide young Asian girls everywhere with the chance to finally see their own reflection on the big screen, all while simultaneously exploring trans issues too. It's just a shame that there will be no songs...

3. Mary Poppins Returns

As one of the most iconic live-action movies ever produced by Disney, Mary Poppins is a treasured property that fans still hold dear over 50 years after it first hit cinemas. Understandably then, the prospect of a sequel is somewhat worrying for fans scared of seeing the film's legacy tarnished. Fortunately, the stellar cast should allay any fears.

Rob Marshall (Chicago, Into The Woods) will helm a star-studded ensemble including Meryl Streep, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt in the title role. The story itself will continue the timeline of the original, following the story of a grown-up Jane and Michael Banks who receive another visit from Mary Poppins in the wake of a personal loss.

4. Cruella (101 Dalmations)

[Via Disney Animation]

Following the success of Angelina Jolie's Maleficent, Disney are looking to repeat the magic once again with another villainous live-action flick, focusing this time on the always fashion-conscious Cruella de Vil. Glenn Close left a memorable mark on the role with her performance in 101 Dalmatians and the imaginatively titled sequel, 102 Dalmations, but this time, Disney will delve back further to tell the villain's origin story, reportedly with Emma Stone in the title role. Let's hope that the four credited screen writers can make Cruella a success. Between them, they've worked on the likes of Her, Spectre, Annie and... Fifty Shades of Grey, so the jury's still out on that one.

5. The Lion King

After finding huge success with The Jungle Book, director Jon Favreau is returning to the world of talking animals with his remake of The Lion King, which will use similar animation techniques to bring the likes of Simba, Scar and Mufasa (back) to life. Just 'be prepared' for the emotional devastation that will hit following the iconic stampede sequence!

Casting news has begun to soar in from the Pride Lands following the official announcement that Donald Glover will tackle the role of Simba and James Earl Jones will reprise his part as Mufasa. Favreau has also expressed interest in casting Beyonce as Simba's friend and love interest, Nala. Will we see more original cast members return? We'll keep you posted.

6. Aladdin

[Via Disney Animation]

Following the official release dates of Mulan and Beauty and the Beast, Disney continue to tap into their hallowed Renaissance period with a remake of Aladdin. This story of a boy and his genie won two Academy Awards back in 1992. The surprise reveal of Guy Ritchie's involvement as director has increased anticipation for the project tenfold, but what remains unclear is how the Genie and Robin Williams's ad-libbed script will be handled in this whole new world. At least we know for a fact now that the adaptation will include many of the original's show stopping numbers.

7. Peter Pan

As if there haven't been enough adaptations of Peter Pan over the years, Disney is set to develop another live-action film based on J.M. Barrie’s classic stories. Written and directed by David Lowery, the man behind 2016's Pete's Dragon, the new Peter Pan will reportedly be a straight adaptation of the original story, which will make a welcome change after last year's disastrous Pan. Just remember to add plenty more pixie dust.

8. Tinker Bell

[Via Disney Animation]

Disney have finally decided to cash in on the overwhelming popularity of their Tinkerbell brand among girls (and boys!) of a certain age, casting Reese Witherspoon as the loveable fairy in a live-action adaptation. Earlier drafts of a script by Marti Noxon (UnReal) and Elizabeth Shapiro (Movie 43) are currently being re-written by Victoria Strouse, who worked on the seminal Finding Dory. This could definitely turn out to be a pretty solid film.

9. The Sword In The Stone

[Via Disney Animation]

Over the years, there have been a number of films based on the story of King Arthur, but few resonated with audiences like Disney's take on the legend. Thus, a live-action version of Sword In The Stone could be one of the most tantalizing projects on this list. It also helps that Brian Cogman has been tasked with writing the film; Cogman, for those who don't recognzie the name, just so happens to be a writer-producer for HBO’s Game of Thrones. The chances of that show's appetite for graphic sex and violence influencing The Sword In The Stone remake are very low — but let's just say there's a chance we'll never see Madam Mim the same way again!

10. Pinocchio

Pinocchio may still be in the early stages of development, but with producer Guillermo Del Toro working on the script, we're confident that no strings will hold this live-action reboot back from success at the box office. If handled right, the rebooted story of a puppet longing to become a real boy could be one of Disney's darkest offerings yet.

Speaking to Collider, Del Toro revealed that he's now enlisted Emmy Award-winning writer Patrick McHale's help on the project, explaining that:

“I’m preparing, also, my first stop-motion animation feature with Pinocchio, which I’ve been trying to get off the ground for a while, but I haven’t been able yet. But the last news on Pinocchio, which was very, very useful for me, was that I was looking for a co-writer who could be a great partner for me on this, and I’m happy to say that Patrick McHale from Over the Garden Wall is going to co-write the new draft of the screenplay with me.”

11. Dumbo

[Via Disney Animation]

Tim Burton is a perfect match for the unfortunate story of Dumbo, a circus elephant teased about the size of his ears. The script reportedly expands on the original story, introducing a human family, but we just hope that the live-action reboot will empower Dumbo's character like the other 'freaks' in Burton's filmography. However, we can't help but question whether Ehren Kruger's (Transformers: Age of Extinction) script will truly convince us that an elephant can fly.

Here's the official synopsis:

"Disney’s new live-action feature film Dumbo introduces Holt Farrier (Farrell), a former circus star who finds his life turned upside down when he returns from the war. Circus owner Max Medici (DeVito) enlists Holt to care for a newborn elephant whose oversized ears make him a laughingstock in an already struggling circus. But when Holt’s children (Parker and Hobbins) discover that Dumbo can fly, persuasive entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere (Keaton) and an aerial artist named Colette Marchant (Green) swoop in to make the peculiar pachyderm a star."

12. Christopher Robin

[Via Disney Animation]

Little is known yet about Winnie The Pooh's live action remake, other than a basic outline of the story, which will see an adult version of Christopher Robin return to Hundred Acre Wood. Writer Alex Perry (Listen Up Philip) will hopefully evoke the nostalgia of Pooh's classic stories in this inventive reimagining complete with Piglet and the rest of the gang.

13. Rose Red (Snow White)

[Via Universal Pictures]

After the unfortunate box office failure of The Huntsman: Winter's War, Disney's at it again with yet another revisionist take on the story of Snow White. This time though, the focus will be planted firmly on Rose Red, White's long forgotten sister who works with the dwarves to break the curse of the poison apple. Let's just hope that whoever ends up directing this one doesn't end up cheating on their wife with the star. #realtalk.

14. Prince Charming

[Via Disney Animation]

Despite being a central character in both Snow White and Cinderella, Prince Charming is one of the least rounded figures in all of Disney's films. That's all set to change, though, as the spotlight turns to Disney's prize piece of male eye candy in his first solo venture. The team behind the studio's upcoming Beauty & The Beast feature will take the reins on this one, working from a spec script by Matt Fogel (Big Momma’s House: Like Father Like Son). Plot specifics remain limited for now, but it'll be interesting to see whether Prince Charming can carry his own film, or whether Disney will rope a famous princess in to help out.

15. Genies

The star of Aladdin may be... well, Aladdin, but everyone's favorite character was undoubtedly the Genie, thanks to Robin Williams's inimitable performance as Al's best buddy. Determined to capitalize on the character's popularity, Disney have commissioned a prequel that will tell the story of how the Genie became trapped in the lamp (presumably with some genie pals in tow, if the title's anything to go by). Disney initially wanted to use some of the many outtakes available from Robin Williams’s original performance, but his estate have prevented the studio from using his work for another twenty-five years.

16. Chip ‘n’ Dale

[Via Disney Animation]

Out of all the Disney properties chosen to be remade in live-action, the one people were probably crying out for least was Chip N Dale (But then again, Alvin & The Chipmunks is a thing, so there's always that we guess.). Chip ‘n’ Dale is set to be directed by Robert Rugan, whose other project, Children of the Lamp, is currently stuck in development hell.

17. Maleficent 2

With all the drama surrounding Angeline Jolie recently, it's easy to forget that she's actually an actress of considerable talent. Sure, the first Maleficent was somewhat underwhelming, but everyone loves a good villain, so we're still excited by the idea of a sequel, which will be penned once again by the film's original writer, Linda Woolverton. Let's just hope that Maleficent 2 will spend less time fawning over the special effects and more time showcasing Jolie's magnificently camp performance.

18. The Jungle Book 2

[Via Disney Studios]

Disney's live action remake of The Jungle Book was even more successful than anyone in the House of Mouse had dared to dream, so it came as no surprise then when the inevitable sequel was announced. Let's just hope that director Jon Favreau doesn't draw inspiration from the terrible follow-up to the original that somehow made it to cinemas briefly. Instead, Disney will reportedly comb through the works of original author Rudyard Kipling for more inspiration — but hopefully with less racism.

19. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

[Via Disney Studios]

After the Snow White & The Huntsman franchise didn't perform as well as expected, Disney are now ploughing forward with a more traditional adaptation of the classic tale in conjunction with the aforementioned Rose Red film.

How the two will compare remains to be seen — could we be seeing the start of a Disney Cinematic Universe? — but what we do know is that screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson (The Girl on the Train) is working on the story, while Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (La La Land) have joined as the composers and lyricists for new musical numbers. It's going to be interesting to see how this one pans out in the long run, but heigh ho. We have faith in the House of Mouse.

With this many live-action remakes on the horizon, Disney fans have never had it so good — although we're still pretty thirsty for some more animated features from the House of Mouse too! Whether you're excited to find out what's coming next from Disney, or whether you simply want to keep in the loop so you can moan about each of the remakes, remember to keep checking back as we update this page regularly.

(Source: Collider)

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