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Moviepilot Magazine Editor
Erin Spens

Tom Ford’s iconic visual style creates a dark and unpredictable world in Nocturnal Animals. Slick and sexy from top to bottom, everything we’ve seen so far, from the posters to the trailer, is filled with tension: light vs. dark, soft vs. hard, safe vs. dangerous. The beautiful new poster that was unveiled last night at the London Film Festival is no exception.

Nocturnal Animals, the highly anticipated follow-up to Tom Ford’s award-winning A Single Man, is a tense story about Susan (Amy Adams), a successful art gallery owner tortured by a manuscript she’s received in the mail. Written by her first husband (Jake Gyllenhaal) with whom she has been out of contact for years, the manuscript is a terrifying read and it’s dedicated to her. The movie’s unfolding plot is one of provocation and confrontation, as Susan is forced back into her own murky past.

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Venice Film Festival, Nocturnal Animals has received stunning reviews across the board, and is one of the most hotly tipped Oscar contenders in multiple categories. From Tom Ford’s immaculate visuals to Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal’s intense performances – check out the trailer and try not to get excited about this movie.


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