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DC Comics has made a big name for itself in the world of TV in the last few years. With TV series Arrow and The Flash gaining popularity, fans were stoked to see two cool DC comic book characters saving the world. Then came this year's CW series Legends of Tomorrow, and with that the introduction of a new league within the show: the Justice Society of America.

The JSA was introduced during the cliffhanger of the second season’s first episode. This is where the Legends of Tomorrow really had to think about who they were up against. In reality, the JSA wants to team up with our Legends, though they don’t know this yet. Let's take a look at the main players within the JSA who we'll be seeing this season.

Dr. Mid-Nite

Dr. Mid-Nite, also known as Dr. Pieter Cross (a doctor in the DC universe), is a hero who can see spectrums of light while in total darkness. Played by Kwesi Ameyaw, Dr. Mid-Nite helps the JSA to train heroes of tomorrow as well as use his medical expertise for unusual cases. The Legends of Tomorrow would find Dr. Mid-Nite extremely useful, especially when they need help with certain time traveling duties. Indeed, he’d be a great trainer for the Legends of Tomorrow.


Obsidian, who will be played by Dan Payne and Lance Henriksen in Legends of Tomorrow's coming season, is the son of the Green Lantern. Born as Todd James Rice, Obsidian was adopted and didn’t know of his parentage until well into his adolescence. Once he reconnected with his twin sister Jade, they decided to follow in their father’s footsteps, founding the superhero group Infinity Inc. It was this group that continued the legacy of the JSA, recruiting the children and heirs of that group. Having inherited mental illness from his mother, Obsidian’s shadow powers could potentially threaten the world by spreading blackness over it.


Stargirl (Sarah Grey) is a junior in the JSA. Also known as Courtney Whitmore, she owns and operates a Cosmic Converter Belt. Using this device, she can stop all enemies who come within range by whipping them out of her way. Her armor is her most prized possession. This is how she helps out as a junior in the JSA, and this is also how she assists the Legends of Tomorrow.

Commander Steel

Commander Steel's (Matthew MacCaull) alter ego Henry Heywood was a member of the US Marine Corps during WWII. After he was injured in battle, Dr. Gilbert Giles performed extensive surgery on him, implanting within him mechanized steel devices that gave him superhuman strength.

Here's a video of the trailer for the cliffhanger of episode one season two of Legends of Tomorrow for a closer look at the JSA.


Who's your favorite member so far of the JSA?


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