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Swooping in with another stellar episode to start off Season 2, Supergirl sets up some season-long plot threads neatly, while waving goodbye to two beloved characters. Dealing with issues of mistrust, pre-emptive strikes, and clashing loyalties, Episode 2 does Batman v Superman better than Batman v Superman did — complete with Winn's fanboy moment over the idea of Superman and Martian Manhunter fighting.

The status quo changes continue in S02E02, from Kara's new career in reporting — already offering her a welcome challenge in the form of Snapper Carr — to the threat of Cadmus, and the shake-up to the show's rhythm has only helped so far.

Cadmus's threat plays at the DEO. [The CW]
Cadmus's threat plays at the DEO. [The CW]

So how will all of this play out? As usual, there are plenty of clues in the form of Easter Eggs — and one nod to the comics might have huge implications.

A Multiverse Crisis

Ah, Crisis. The term has been peppered throughout the DC TV shows, thanks to the momentous DC Comics' events Crisis on Infinite Earths and the later Infinite Crisis. Both crossover arcs featured the multiverse in danger: The first concluded in all realities merging into one, while the second brought the alternate dimensions back.

The nods to Crisis are most often used in The Flash to describe some mysterious event decades in the future ("Flash Vanishes In Crisis" ringing any bells?) — but the Supergirl writers have been biding their time, eager to recreate the iconic pose from the original cover of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Cover to cover: 'Supergirl' and 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'. [DC/CW]
Cover to cover: 'Supergirl' and 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'. [DC/CW]

Depicted within the show as well as on a promotional poster for the episode, Superman carries a wounded Supergirl in a pose reminiscent of the classic cover. As exec Andrew Kreisberg revealed to CBR, this Easter Egg was originally supposed to appear in the Season 1 episode "Reactron", with the as-yet un-cast Superman's head cut off in the shot, but the writers decided against it. And that's all to the good, as the pose is far better emulated by Hoechlin's Superman.

In the comics, Supergirl had just sacrificed herself to save as much of reality as she could. This continues to be one of Kara's best moments, so will we see the plot play out in the show itself?

Crossover Into Other Earths

Easter Eggs aside, it seems unlikely that The CW will use the Crisis on Infinite Earths plot any time soon. The Flash Season 2 finale featured a similar plot to the comic arc, as Zoom built a doomsday device intended to bring the Earths crashing together. Naturally, the Flash foiled his plan with an almost identical method Barry used in the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic — sans Supergirl's sacrifice of course.

Supergirl sacrifices her life to save the Earth. [DC]
Supergirl sacrifices her life to save the Earth. [DC]

With Supergirl now part of The CW's DC manifesto, it seems a shame that the Crisis arc was used so soon, especially considering Supergirl's pivotal role in the comic arc, which would have been fantastic to see adapted within the TV shows. In fact, the Crisis stories seem perfect for a crossover plot between the series.

Crisis aside, Supergirl will play a big role in the four-show crossover come December. The alien newcomer is connected to the alien villains known as the Dominators, who will seek to conquer Earth.

The execs are drawing inspiration from the 1980s arc Invasion!, in which a coalition of powerful alien forces unite to seize control of Earth. The Daxamites are among the aliens invading Earth, and it's worth pointing out that Mon-El — Supergirl's mysterious man in the pod — is Daxamite by birth.

Mon-El unconscious in the DEO. [The CW]
Mon-El unconscious in the DEO. [The CW]

The execs have also stated that the crossover even will begin in Supergirl before continuing in the other shows, a structure made easy by the shows' airing schedule.

So it looks like we may have to chock Crisis up to what could have been, though with that enigmatic future event in The Flash, it's possible we may still see this arc adapted in seasons to come. Until then, that pose in Supergirl S02E02 was one epic Easter Egg.

Tell us in the comments: Would you like to see the Crisis plots adapted?

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