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As Tom Cruise just proved on The Late Late Show, in the below amazing recreation of his entire movie career, he is truly one of the greatest modern film stars:

He always delivers top-notch acting, performs his own stunts whenever possible, and leaves a memorable impact on all of his movies. Thanks to the likes of Mission: Impossible, Minority Report, Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion, Collateral, The Last Samurai, War of the Worlds and so many more, it's clear that Tom Cruise can do it all: drama, action, comedy, sci-fi, thrillers ... there's just one thing missing.

With the many action roles he's taken, it's honestly surprising that Tom Cruise has not played a superhero yet. Back when the first Iron Man movie was in production, originally Tony Stark was going to be portrayed by Cruise — but for one reason or another, Cruise decided to say no, and thus we were given the amazing Robert Downey, Jr., who has solidified Iron Man as one of the greats.

"Look, I really enjoy those films a lot," Cruise recently told Jimmy Kimmel. "I enjoy them. But I make the Missions and Reacher. Just different kind of films."

Even though he turned down the MCU, perhaps DC could someday change his mind and poach him for the DC Extended Universe. Here are roles that Mr. Cruise would be perfect for, both heroes and villains.

1. Golden Age Flash / Jay Garrick

Tom Cruise tends to run a lot in his movies... why not just turn him into the original speedster? Ezra Miller's Barry Allen could use a mentor and inspiration, so perhaps at some point in the DCEU's run of Flash movies we could see Jay Garrick appear with the face of Tom Cruise?

Imagine a future Flash movie which constantly switches between present day and the past showing both speedsters handle the same super-villain case, maybe even featuring some time travel to have the two heroes meet: Ezra Miller and Tom Cruise teaming up to fight evil. Eh? Well, whatever kind of story they use for the Crimson Comet, get Tom Cruise to put on that mercury helmet!

2. Captain Cold / Leonard Snart

Those who have seen Cruise's role in the amazing Collateral can probably figure out where I'm coming from with this choice: smart, COLD, calculated and completely badass. I can imagine Cruise perform some great John Wick-esque "gun-fu" with Captain Cold's cold gun combined with some great monologues from Cruise like he usually does in his movies. Take for example his monologue in Edge of Tomorrow reciting the future to Brendan Gleeson's character: imagine Cruise's Captain Cold taking over a scene where he gives his demands and threatens the Flash in a similar manner.

3. Reverse Flash / Eobard Thawne

For those suggesting that maybe Jay Garrick is too small of a role for Cruise, don't worry, for there is another speedster that I have in mind for him and that is the Flash's rival, the opposite of everything Barry is: the Reverse Flash.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the possibility of Matthew McConaughey as Reverse Flash, but I cannot deny the idea of Cruise in this role. Once again allowing Tom Cruise to do a lot of running, can't you imagine him with red eyes and doing battle with Ezra Miller?

Also going back to Collateral as a reference for a performance, I think that Cruise should take on more villain roles. I love his heroic roles but there is so much potential for him to become as iconic for his villainous roles.

4. Green Lantern / Hal Jordan

The Justice League cast looks amazing so far, but most fans noticed that we're missing a common staple from almost every other roster of the League and that is the Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Imagine a veteran Hal Jordan who has served with the Green Lantern Corps for many years and has recently returned to Earth after several years protecting the galaxy and portrayed by Tom Cruise.

Hal Jordan is a very smarmy, cocky (yet likable and courageous) character, and Cruise has already had plenty of characters that fit that description, like Ethan Hunt from the Mission: Impossible movies, Maverick from Top Gun — who was a pilot just like Hal Jordan — or even Nathan Algren from The Last Samurai. Give Cruise that pilot's jacket, give him a green ring, and finally unite the seven!

5. Green Arrow / Oliver Queen

If there is one thing Tom Cruise can do, it is handle his own stunts in a fight sequence. Perhaps Cruise can show us his fighting skills with a bow as the Emerald Archer from Star City who just so happens to be a cocky playboy billionaire.

Tom Cruise didn't take the role of Tony Stark but he could land the DC equivalent with the film version of Oliver Queen, rocking a goatee and handlebar mustache, and trying his best to defend his city. Would he be better or worse than Stephen Amell? Why bother comparing when we can enjoy two great versions of this character!?

If Green Lantern can't take that seventh slot of the Justice League, then perhaps Green Arrow would not be a bad replacement.

6. Hush / Thomas Elliot

Can't you just imagine Tom Cruise as one of the more twisted additions to Batman's already massive gallery of villains? If you don't know the story of Hush then I won't spoil it for you, but I will say that Cruise definitely fits the role in both age, acting and skills. Once again referring to Cruise's character Vincent from Collateral in terms of villainy mixed with a little of Lestat from Interview With A Vampire and the Jack Reacher fighting skills and intelligence, then you have the recipe for what could be the perfect Hush.

7. Mister Mxyzptlk

C'mon, Tropic Thunder showed us that Tom Cruise has the sense of humor AND the scalp for it...


Who should Tom Cruise Play in the DCEU?


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