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Lets get this out of the way: the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead was absolutely unbelievable. Please, if you haven't watched it be aware that there ARE spoilers below.

With that noted, I believe that we can all agree that The Walking Dead is full of some of the best character development and writing in any show over the last decade. We watch The Walking Dead to be entertained, but now 7 seasons in we feel like we know the characters, we've celebrated in their victories and we've cried over their deaths. One thing is for sure though, we love The Walking Dead no matter what.

The characters in the show are all beautifully acted and their stories are so gripping that some people may forget that they are all based on characters from the comic series of the same name, written by Robert Kirkman. I thought it would be interesting to look at the comparison as to which character most truly matches their comic book counterpart, here are 9 characters and how they compare to their comic book origins.

9. Carol Peletier

Although both the comic and TV version of Carol are meek and abused by their husbands, they are quite different after their introduction.

TV Version: In the show Carol matures into a killing machine; cold and calculating even though she tries really hard to be a good shepherd and friend to all her fellow survivors.

Comic Version: Carol never has the chance to become the badass we see on screen. In the comics, Carol has a relationship with Tyreese, and tries to have a threesome with Rick/Lori before committing suicide by walker because she can't make any 'real' connections.

8. Andrea Harrison

Andrea is a bit of a mixed bag. Some fans love(d) her, others no so much.

TV Version: This version of Andrea was met with more than just a little hatred by fans of the series and the members of Rick's group. Andrea is left at Hershel's farm, rescued by Michonne, sleeps with The Governor, betrayed by him and locked in a room to kill herself or be eaten by a walker.

Comic Version: In the comics, Andrea has found stability and trust among the other members of the Hilltop. She becomes Rick's right hand (ironically), his wife, a leader in the Hilltop community and she's still alive.

7. Carl Grimes

Carl is the son of Rick, the central protagonist of The Walking Dead. Whether through the comics or the TV show, Carl has a rough childhood.

TV Version: Carl was forced to grow up incredibly quickly through the show, going from overly protective child to a pseudo-serial killer. Being forced to kill your own mother, almost dying twice by gunshots and killing the walker version of Shane was bound to have an affect on Carl. He connects with Enid, and it'll be interesting where they take Carl after the

Comic Version: Carl grows up faster in the comics after stabbing Shane in the heart, then losing both his mother and newborn sister in the same night. He is the reason that the Whisperers (still not seen in the TV series) to attack Alexandria which cause both Ezekiel and Rosita to die.

6. Michonne

The primary badass female in The Walking Dead is Michonne, she's a no-nonsense type who has a rough introduction thanks to The Governor.

TV Version: In the show Michonne is toned down a bit compared to the comic version, as she has more similarities to Andrea from the comics. Yet, Michonne is still entirely brutal with her katana, finishing off the Governor with it after taking his eye.

Comic Version: Michonne had a much rougher introduction in the comics as she was brutally tortured and raped by the Governor. That would mess with anyone and her revenge is rather brutal.

5. Maggie Green

Maggie is the farmer's daughter, and has a rather tumultuous introduction to Rick's group in the show, although she earns their trust on more than one occasion.

TV Version: When the crew arrives at the Hilltop, Maggie's leadership ability is noticed and she becomes Deanna's right hand (before Deanna becomes a walker meal). Maggie learns she's pregnant as Glenn fake-dies, and she becomes an envoy for the Hilltop.

Comic Version: In the comics, Maggie and Glenn fall in love and eventually have a child, naming him Hershel. Maggie loses hope after Glenn's death, but eventually gains her composure back and rises to become the leader of the Hilltop community.

4. Rick Grimes

Rick is the defacto leader, and main protagonist in The Walking Dead. The lawman turned badass, brutal leader and reluctant hero is one of the main reasons we keep looking for more.

TV Version: Even though Rick seems to continually make the absolute WORST decisions, he somehow keeps his role as leader of the group. Rick has gone through a demoralizing transformation over the last 6 seasons: he lost his wife, his hope, his joy, his composure and now he's lost his role as protector having lost two very close to him.

Comic Version: Rick's transformation from lawman to brutal leader with a shadowy moral code has been one of the most intriguing aspects of the comics. After he loses Lori when she gives birth to a baby, he gets together with Andrea, loses his right hand to The Governor and slowly sees the world in a different light as time passes.

3. Glenn Rhea

The quick witted and lovable Glenn is one of the characters in The Walking Dead that earned affection from the moment we saw him on the pages and on screen.

TV Version: Glenn is equally as beloved on screen as he was in the pages of the comics. He earned the love and trust of Maggie, even marrying her and getting her pregnant. His feared death at the hand of walkers by the dumpster had fans reeling, but turns out he survived to find Maggie again, only to meet his end thanks to a certain barbed wire bat at the hands of Negan.

Comic Version: Glenn is the man who steals Maggie's heart and is entirely devoted to her, all the way up to issue 101 when Negan bashes his skull with Lucille. His death was a major blow to all the members of Rick's family because of how loved he was.

2. Negan

The nightmare himself, Negan is the most unequivocally hated person in the world right now. The Walking Dead has created a villain, seemingly, without equal and we've only just gotten to see him.

TV Version: As chilling as he appears, there is so much more to Negan than meets the eyes. His brutality is only matched by his socio/psychopathic tendencies. Negan carries a charismatic aura about him as he makes his introduction known, and his power even more apparent by taking out both Abraham and Glenn with ease.

Comic Version: Without hesitation, Negan is one of the most terrifying villains to ever be created in the comics. His cruelty is seemingly limitless, and his violent actions are carried out with a smile.

1. The Zombies

If we're being honest, the zombies are exactly the same throughout The Walking Dead, whether you're reading the comics or watching the TV show.

TV Version: Risen from the dead, flesh-hungry scavengers just following their basic instinct: eat.

Comic Version: Risen from the dead, flesh-hungry scavengers just following their basic instinct: eat.

The Walking Dead is finally back, are you ready for more brutal zombie violence? Comment below and let me know who your favorite character is.


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