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Who could forget Pokémon, Dexter’s Laboratory, Scooby-Doo — all those incredible shows from our childhoods, the shows that kept us company through the rainy weekends, the shows that taught us many important life lessons, even though they featured very simple plots? Or did they? Despite the fact their targeted audience was mostly children, many animated TV series were particularly clever, hiding plenty of secret messages and adult humor. Maybe they hid other things, too. Maybe all that we know about them is a lie. Maybe there is something there, something that we did not notice, something that changes the whole picture…

The internet offers a form of psychological salvation to all the loyal fans of the animated series, housing a huge number of conspiracy theories — some of which make a lot of sense, while others are crazier than Alex from A Clockwork Orange. And, admittedly, the most interesting thing about a movie or TV series isn’t the plot itself, but the predictions and messed-up theories of fans, which tend to be way more exciting and impressive than what plays out on our screens. Those theories are usually followed by countless mind-blowing memes, and many fights between pissed-off fanboys and internet trolls. It seems like the ideal moment for Michael Jackson to sit back and relax, enjoying his popcorn…

After a deep dive into the darkest corners of the Web — also known as forums — I gathered the craziest conspiracies about the small-screen shows of our childhood. Prepare to be amazed, puzzled, to laugh and, of course, to have your childhood ruined.

Scooby-Doo Is A Soviet Spy

Remember the big, brown Great Dane who solved cases with the help of Mystery Incorporated? Scooby-Doo was famous for his friendship with Shaggy, his love for human food, and his iconic motto, "Scooby Dooby Doo!" But, wait a second, since when did dogs speak English?

Well, according to one particular theory, old Scoobs is far from an ordinary dog; he’s actually a former test subject of the Soviets! During the Cold War era of the '50s, much like the US, Russia was obsessed with space exploration, thus sending many dogstronauts into orbit. Indeed, stray dog Laika was one of the first. In order to improve the outcome of their next mission, the Soviets created a dog with human intelligence, a creature that has the ability to speak and follow orders, a pup named Scooby-Doo (extra points if you understood that reference)!

Unfortunately for the scientists, the canine escaped from the labs and defected to the US. During his time on US soil, he found the legendary gang and decided to join them, traveling from place to place and staying hidden from both the KGB and CIA, both of which tried to locate him at all costs. Hence the name of the cartoon, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Inspector Gadget: Dr. Claw's True Identity

Go, Gadget, go! Who can forget such a catchy theme song?

The origin story of Inspector Gadget was never revealed to us; we never learned why Dr. Claw hates him so much, and we never got to know how he obtained his robotic limbs. Although the TV series did not give us even the most insignificant clue about these points, there was a pretty damn disappointing movie — "disappointing" being the operative word — about Gadget’s earliest adventures. As a result, the fans created an odd, but very popular and also very convincing theory about the Inspector’s past and Claw’s true identity.

According to these speculations, Claw is the true Inspector Gadget! He was driven mad due to a devastating accident that disfigured his face horribly. Penny, in her grief, created a robotic duplicate of her uncle, giving birth to the ultimate crimefighting machine. However, this displeased the original Gadget, now going under the alias of Dr. Claw, who wanted to destroy the copycat, since there’s room for only one Gadget in town. Despite the fact that he was now on the wrong side of the law, Gadget never stopped caring about Penny. That’s why she always escaped from her adventures safe and sound, even though she was constantly getting captured by the forces of evil.

The Powerpuff Girls Are Just Pretending

The Powerpuff Girls take us back to those nostalgic times when the Cartoon Network was still in its prime. The pattern of the story is simple: The city of Townsville is under attack, the girls get a familiar call from the mayor, and then? Action! But what if the PPG were not created by the Professor in his lab? What if they were just ordinary children pretending to have Superman-like powers? What if everything that happened in the show was in the girls’ imagination?

That’s right, there’s a pretty ingenious theory suggesting that the events of the series are made up by the three girls, who are nothing but ordinary kindergarteners. Their father, widower Professor Utonium, and their grandpa, the so-called Mayor, are just playing along, rewarding the children for their achievements. Mojo Jojo, their bigger brother, is always annoying them, and that’s why they view him as the main antagonist of their adventures. Fuzzy Lumpkins is their neighbor, who is constantly pranking them, while Sedusa is their detestable stepmother. Him, their second-biggest foe, is actually their uncle, who is on bad terms with their dad because of his homosexuality. Wow. Who could imagine that Utonium would be so puritanical?

Tom And Jerry Commit Suicide In The Final Episode

I encountered this disturbing theory in an episode of the Nostalgia Critic. In Blue Cat Blues, we watch as a lovestruck Tom spends all his money and energy to win the heart of a female kitty, who ends up cheating on him. In a bid to end his life, Tom sits in the middle of the train tracks with the clear intention of letting the train run him over. But wait, it gets worse. Jerry joins Tom, having learned that his girlfriend is also a cheater. We hear the train coming closer, and the screen goes dark.

I remember watching the episode as a child. I was very fond of the darker tone and the black humor; I wasn’t very worried about the fate of the protagonists… I mean, they’ve survived worst, right? Right?!

Pokémon: Ash Is In A Coma

He wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was. He wanted to catch them all. You guessed right, I’m referring to Ash, the most famous Pokémon Master wannabe, and the child who always stays 10 years old, no matter how many seasons pass.

Why does Ash never grow up? The answer is simple: Because he is in a coma. The most hardcore Pokémon fans might remember the fact that Ash was hit by lightning in the very first episode. Since we’re in the world of Pokémon, a little electrocution never hurt anybody — just ask Team Rocket, they’re the true experts.

But what if Ash fell into a comma after this incident? What if he’s imagining all his adventures, in which he always defeats the evil Pokémon thieves, saves the day and protects the innocent? What if Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny were just citizens of Pallet Town, and Ash was imagining that he encountered them in every city he went, just because he feels safe around them? What if Brock and Misty are parts of his imagination? Surprisingly enough, all of it makes sense, am I right?


Which one of these theories shocked you the most?


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