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In the days since the premiere of Season 7 of , we've had time to process what happened in that gruesome return episode. In a recent article, Sam Plank discusses how Maggie is the greatest victim of the group. I agree, but I also think that Rick should send Maggie and her unborn baby down the road. Think about how all the bad guys of each season have managed to kill one of her family members. Just being related to Maggie means a sharp or blunt object looms over someone's head. Let's break down the victims related to Maggie.

[Note: Spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead]

Papa Can You Hear Me?

Who can forget Scott Wilson's Herschel Greene, the cantankerous old hoot with a heart of gold and the hands of a surgeon? We learn the father of Maggie and Beth Greene is a farmer with veterinarian skills. He uses those skills to help ' son from dying of a gunshot wound to the chest! Herschel even eventually grows to love Glenn, knowing Glenn will be the best husband for Maggie.

Then enter the Governor and his craziness. Anyone who keeps his zombie daughter on a leash has to have a screw loose. After a few battles with Rick and company, he captures Herschel. During Rick's attempt to free Herschel, The Governor slices Herschel's poor head right off with Michonne's katana. Then the Governor starts spraying bullets all over the place causing pure mayhem. Innocent people are killed, while Maggie must watch her dad lose his head. All this happens because Rick is trying to be a hero.

Sing It Loud, Sister!

How about Emily Kinney's Beth Greene, Maggie's half sister? She almost committed suicide, but harnessed her inner strength to carry on living. What about her lovely singing voice? She used to cheer everyone up with her songs. She bonded with Daryl after being separated from the group.

But once again, Rick and company have to go and rescue Beth after she gets kidnapped. Eventually they find her in a hospital controlled by some crazy sheriff named Dawn Lerner. Beth develops a friendship with Dawn's aide, Noah, and tries to escape with him. Poor Noah becomes zombie fodder because he is trying to help Beth. Soon Beth sings her last song when Rick attempts the hostage exchange. It goes awry, and Beth gets shot by Dawn. Once again, Maggie sees Daryl walking towards her with a dead Beth in his arms.

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe!

Here we are on the killing field once again, but this time it is Glenn, husband to Maggie, father of her unborn child, whose days are numbered. All this had to happen because Maggie decided to make a deal with the Hilltop group. She said if the Hilltop provides food to Rick and his people, they will wipe out Negan and the Savior's group. If they only knew what Maggie was promising! Later on, Maggie collapses on the ground due to complications from her pregnancy. Rick, Carl, Sasha, Abraham, Eugene and Aaron drive the RV to get Maggie to the Hilltop's doctor, but they are trapped and captured by the Saviors. Then the massacre happens. Maggie watches Abraham and Glenn smashed in the head by Negan's baseball bat.

There you have it. Maggie is the curse of the group. When bad things happen to the group, they usually revolve around Maggie. If you are related to Maggie, say your prayers because you are probably going to die. Now that she has no immediate family, Rick and the rest of the group become her surrogate family. If I were Rick, I would make sure she finds another group to hang out with. Tell her to go and live with the Hilltop people!


What do you think Rick should do with Maggie?


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