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Arrow Season 5 kicked off by setting up what appears to be Oliver Queen's version of the Teen Titans — Wild Dog, Mister Terrific and Artemis — who suited up to take on Tobias Church by themselves. Oliver was busy attempting to break Diggle out of prison; he succeeded in his mission, but Team Arrow wasn't as lucky, proving once again why they are unfit to be heroes, much less vigilantes. However, someone more fitting to be a vigilante in Star City could be joining Team Arrow soon enough...

Team Arrow, Arrow Season 5.
Team Arrow, Arrow Season 5.

When Oliver Queen returned from his mission to break Diggle out, he met with District Attorney Adrian Chase to discuss the status of the city's vigilante problem. Chase has consistently referred to the outbreak of vigilantes in Star City as more troublesome than helpful, but he appears to be changing his tune after Team Arrow rescued him from Tobias Church and his men.

District Attorney Adrian Chase, played by Josh Segarra.
District Attorney Adrian Chase, played by Josh Segarra.

Chase didn't say anything immediately after being rescued but soon made his opinions known to Mayor Oliver Queen. In their conversation, Chase mentions how his initial assumptions were wrong, and goes on to state how vigilantes are the ones capable of exacting judgement on criminals who deserve it when the law refuses to.

Unknown vigilante of Star City.
Unknown vigilante of Star City.

Both of Chase's comments could seem insignificant, but considering that his opinions have changed in a very small amount of time, it likely means Chase will make a change in his own life due to having a new perspective on Star City. And that change may see Adrian Chase become a vigilante himself.

It also doesn't hurt that Adrian Chase's comic-book counterpart in DC Comics is the Vigilante.

DC Comics Origin Of 'The Vigilante'

The Vigilante, DC Comics.
The Vigilante, DC Comics.

DC comics features multiple iterations of the hero known as the Vigilante, the most notable being Adrian Chase. As the Vigilante, Chase teams up with the New Teen Titans on several occasions to take on several lesser-known villains.

The Vigilante's abilities aren't supernatural but he's been trained in body and mind by vengeful spirits. He's very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and the use of firearms.

Chase's comic-book counterpart could definitely find his way on to Arrow now, especially with Adrian Chase himself hinting at more to come from his perspective on vigilantes being altered.

Adrian Chase Will Likely Become The Vigilante On 'Arrow'

Josh Segarra himself recently stated that he doesn't know what direction is being taken with his character on Arrow, or if Adrian Chase will ever become the Vigilante.

Segarra may be unsure, but from the sound of Adrian Chase's tone in last week's episode, "Penance," it's evident that Chase is moving closer to becoming his comic-book counterpart with every passing week.

Speaking of comic-book comparisons, Adrian Chase's Vigilante first made an appearance in an issue of the New Teen Titans. With that in mind, is it possible that Chase will work with Team Arrow during Season 5, similar to how the Vigilante worked with the Teen Titans in DC Comics?


Should Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) become the Vigilante on Arrow?

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