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Most of us knew it wouldn't take long for to give the second season greenlight to their newest thriller/western series, Westworld. It's been renewed alongside fellow freshmen HBO series' Divorce and Insecure. While the series has proven to be fan worshipped masterpiece, the news that comes at the hip of the show's renewal will most likely not be met with the same amount of enthusiasm.

The renewal, however, shouldn't come as a surprise given how well the show is doing in the ratings. HBO is snagging an impressive 11.7 million viewers for the show across all their platforms. Just to put that in perspective, that's more than even Game Of Thrones managed to garner during its spectacular freshmen season.

Unfortunately now, here comes the bad news:

When Will The Show Return?

That's where the hard part of this comes in. Everything truly wonderful in this world, it seems, must come with some sort of a slight catch. It's no different for HBO's brilliant sci-fi series. Because the show is built on such a grand epic scale, it's likely the series' production will delay airing and won't be returning to HBO and to our living rooms until sometime in 2018. HBO's Programming Chief, Casey Bloys, was the one to announce this to Entertainment Weekly:

"My suspicion is sometime in 2018 because of how big the world is and what goes into shooting it. So I don’t have a date exactly – they’re going to have to map it out and write the scripts – but my guess is sometime in ‘18."

Adding up all the contributing factors such as filming locations, the insane amount of props, and the incredible A-list talent, it's not all that surprising that the show would need to take longer than most to return. But, as was the case with season 1, I'm sure the reward will definitely be well worth the wait.

What Will The Future Look Like?

Well, that's the interesting aspect of it all. The show still has 3 episodes left to air this season and they've definitely still got time to unveil the many twists and tricks I'm sure they've tucked deep within their sleeves. If the show is planning to follow the pattern of its source material, we can expect a great many things are in store for us still in this season. For the future of Westworld, the possibilities are practically limitless.

The original film from 1973 let the guests explore more than Westworld. There was also Romanworld and Medievalworld. Will these expansions show up in the future of the series? Possibly. Though given the current trajectory of the show that was set in motion by the most recent episode's events, it's rather unlikely, I think. But who knows, I've been mindblown and surprised numerous times thus far, so it's not totally out of the realm of possibility that it might just happen again. In Westworld, literally anything can happen.

Westworld currently airs Sunday nights on HBO.

What do you think about this second season announcement? Where do you think Westworld is headed in season 2?


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