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Not every movie is lucky enough to have one of the world's most celebrated fashion designers behind the camera — but when it happens, you know you're about to experience something devastatingly stylish.

That's exactly what Nocturnal Animals is. Tom Ford's second feature, a thriller-noir receiving rave reviews from the critics, is a sensory overload, the rare piece of cinema that's so delicious to look at, the audience is made to feel like a voyeur. And a film like this demands equally eye-catching poster art — which is where you come in.

Here's Your Chance To Get Creative

In collaboration with Focus Features, Movie Pilot offers you the opportunity to use your art, graphic design and/or illustration skills to create a brand new poster for Nocturnal Animals. The competition will be judged in-house, and the winning poster will be displayed at Universal Studios. The winning designer will also be presented with a premium print of his or her artwork.

What the poster should look like is up to you. You might want to play around with some of the big themes of Tom Ford's screenplay — how people have become too quick to throw relationships away, how our decisions define us, superficiality and guilt.

Conversely, you might find inspiration in the movie's stark visual landscape, be it the wilds of Texas, where Edward's terrifying story-within-a-story plays out, or the clean vistas of L.A. and Susan's glass-box home.

Or, you might simply choose to focus on Amy Adams' expressive eyes and the emotion they betray. Whatever your inspiration, the final result should be a piece of art which demands to be seen and expresses something about the movie.

How To Enter The Competition

The competition is open until Tuesday November 22rd. Entries should be submitted via the Nocturnal Animals fan art submissions website. We can't wait to see the best of your creativity!

Nocturnal Animals hits select theaters this Friday, November 18, expanding wide on December 9. Check out the trailer above, and best of luck to all entrants.


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