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Forget Doctor Alchemy and his Plague Doctor mask that looks suspiciously like a penguin. (Is Doctor Alchemy secretly Oswald Cobblepot? We digress.) Season 3's real Big Bad finally made his debut on The Flash this week and it... it sure was something.

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Either Transformers: The Last Knight has been bumped to The CW or it turns out that the self-proclaimed God of Speed shares more than a passing resemblance to Megatron. Regardless though, both Savitar's motivation and identity have been kept in the dark for now, adding yet more mysteries to the ever-faithful version of Agatha Christie's work that The Flash has become.

Popular opinion suggests that Doctor Alchemy is working alongside Savitar, somehow serving him with the help of his acolytes. On the surface, this makes total sense. After all, it wouldn't be surprising if Doctor Alchemy's cult worshipped the God of Speed, trying to summon him in one of their bizarre, robed ceremonies — but there's just one problem:

Savitar Appeared After Alchemy's Ceremony Failed

If Doctor Alchemy's aim was to summon the God of Speed, then surely that should have been prevented by The Flash. After all, Barry managed to stop Doctor Alchemy before the ceremony was completed, briefly capturing the masked villain and his acolytes.

Check out a clip of the fight below for a refresher of this weeks episode:

However, Savitar only appeared after Doctor Alchemy was captured. While one might argue that this new speedster could have arrived to save his ally from defeat, why didn't Savitar stand by the good doctor in previous encounters with the Flash?

So far, very little is known about Doctor Alchemy's motivations, other than that he's restoring powers to those who lost their gifts thanks to Flashpoint. Supposedly, the good doctor is actually trying to protect reality, but so far, the reasoning behind this has remained rather unclear and his fights with The Flash have portrayed him in a villainous light. However, there's a chance that we could be entirely wrong about Doctor Alchemy.

What If Doctor Alchemy Was Trying To Stop Savitar?

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Sure, Doctor Alchemy's creepy robes and murderous shenanigans have led fans to assume that he's working alongside Savitar — but just because they're both fighting The Flash, doesn't automatically mean that they're besties.

After Barry prevents Doctor Alchemy from completing his ceremony, the 'Big Bad' utters these ominous words;

"That was a grave mistake... You have no idea what's about to begin."

Taken at face value, it appears as though Doctor Alchemy is threatening The Flash in typical villain fashion, twirling his imaginary moustache underneath that functional penguin mask. However, the phrasing of Alchemy's words suggest that what comes next is actually Barry's fault, implying that the good Doctor never wanted Savitar to appear in the first place. If anything, Doctor Alchemy's ceremony was actually designed to prevent the God of Speed from rising to power; something which The Flash ruined, thanks to his incessant meddling.

So Why Is Doctor Alchemy Restoring People's Powers From Flashpoint?

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

In one of his few monologues to date, Doctor Alchemy discussed how he was preparing this timeline by restoring the abilities that people possessed prior to Flashpoint. So far, the general assumption was that Alchemy would manipulate these 'acolytes' for his own nefarious ends, but what if the Doctor is actually recruiting followers to take on Savitar?

If that were the case, then one might question why Doctor Alchemy doesn't simply team up with The Flash too, but let's face it; Savitar showing up now is far from a coincidence. If this new speedster really is the God of Speed, then it's likely that he's appeared now due to Barry's time travelling antics, punishing him for Flashpoint in a way that mirrors the function of the Time Wraiths from Season 2.

If Savitar's arrival is due to Barry Allen's incompetence, it becomes easier to see how Doctor Alchemy could be reluctant to recruit The Flash's help. If anything, this 'Big Bad' may in fact see Barry as the real villain of the piece, and it would be hard to argue with that. Those who are aware of the changes made by Flashpoint are mostly unhappy about it, by and large, so perhaps Doctor Alchemy also lost someone close to him thanks to Barry, much like Cisco did.

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

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The synopsis for Episode 7 focuses heavily on Killer Frost, suggesting that Savitar's deadly debut will be swept swiftly under the rug just a few minutes into next week's episode. While the CGI budget team will be thrilled by this development, we're disappointed that his connection with Alchemy will probably be put on the back burner once again.

Ultimately though, whether the good Doctor helps The Flash take down the God of Speed or whether he continues to fight Barry remains to be seen, but don't be surprised if it turns out that Alchemy and Savitar aren't the BFFs that you think they are.


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