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Now, there's may well be a pretty solid argument that much of the fabled #Marvel/#DC rivalry is all in our heads, but that hasn't stopped countless fans — and stars — from diving deep into its stormy waters over the years. With the largely Marvel-affiliated #JossWhedon and #JamesGunn having notably offered their thoughts in recent months, though, it seems to be well past time a member of the DC cinematic fraternity joined the fray. All credit to #JusticeLeague star #EzraMiller, then, for biting the bullet and being a) adorably dorky, and b) hilariously partisan.

Y'see, as it turns out:

Ezra Miller REALLY Doesn't Want To Sign Your Marvel Comics

Indeed, in fan-shot footage that has recently made its way onto the interweb, Miller is magnificently unwavering in his determination to not even slightly sign a fan's proffered copy of an #AgentsOfSHIELD themed item of merchandise. That, after all, is a Marvel product, and as Miller makes abundantly clear in the video above, he absolutely cannot — or, to be more precise, will not — sign it.

Now, it's worth noting that while Miller was breaking the bad news to the fan...

"You understand why I can't sign that, right? Find me something else and I'll sign it! It's so obvious that I can't sign that. I'm sorry... I'm DC! They're competing comic book houses... Yeah, I'm dead sure."

...his tongue was firmly in his cheek, and the whole thing was entirely good-natured. It's also, of course, entirely possible that the whole thing was a gag on the part of the fan, who very much seems to play along with the conceit by expressing their belief that Justice League is a Marvel property. That being said, though, it's still oddly reassuring to see Miller refuse to sign a Marvel comic book out of principle. After all, he's a massive geek who's currently getting to live out his dreams in both the DC and #HarryPotter universes (you can see him in #FantasticBeasts any day now), so his whimsical refusal to sign basically just makes him seem even more like the rest of us:

Which is nice...

What do you think, though? Should Miller have signed that fan's Marvel item, or is it more fun that he didn't? Let us know below!