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Despite only appearing in seven minutes of the theatrical cut, Jared Leto's and those pasty abs of his dominated the furore that surrounded , both before and after the film finally hit cinemas.

While plenty of fans derided Leto's Clown Prince of Crime, criticising everything from the Joker's tattoos to his blinging grill, others were outraged that the majority of his scenes were cut from the theatrical release. One disgruntled Reddit user even went so far as to sue Warner Bros. for including a misleading amount of Joker scenes in the film's trailers. Yeah, good luck with that one, BlackPanther2016.

Even the Joker thinks it's funny:

Regardless though, news that the team behind Suicide Squad had decided to release an Extended Cut of the film reignited hope for the fans who hoped to see more of the Joker in action. Jared Leto himself had already revealed that there's enough cut footage available to make an entirely new movie based around the Clown Prince of Crime, so this would obviously play a huge part in the new Extended Cut, right?

From the minds who brought us a scantily clad 'feminist' take on Harley Quinn and the fascinating character of Slipknot came a new version of Suicide Squad, which does feature some more Joker scenes, but still leaves plenty on the cutting room floor.

While it's gratifying to see more of Leto's maniacal Joker appear in the extra 11 minutes that were added to the Extended Cut, it's unfortunate that director David Ayer still held back on using more of the footage to flesh out his character further.

Luckily for us, one enterprising fan has scoured the cutting room floor and was able to compile the lost footage together, complete with detailed descriptions of each scenes context. If only the team had put this much effort into the actual film.

Curious to see what was missed out? Check out this compilation of the wasted Joker scenes below:

The footage that didn't make it into the Extended Cut reveals a far darker Joker than the lovesick Clown Prince depicted in the final release, one who violently attacks several innocent people just for the thrills of it.

It's not all about the maniacal violence though. In a particularly disturbing scene, the Joker stops one of his goons from putting a bullet through 's head, just moments after he 'lovingly' gave her electro-shock therapy. While it's easy to see why David Ayer and the studio may have been reluctant to show this side of the Joker in a bid to grab that PG-13 audience, the twisted love/hate relationship that he shares with Harley should have taken centre stage, portraying a far more authentic adaptation of 's greatest opponent.

[Via Warner Bros.]
[Via Warner Bros.]

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While it's disappointing to learn that Ayer was close to portraying the Leto's Joker in the way that he deserves, the extended cut ultimately did little to change people's minds about the film as a whole. If Jared decides to stick with the DCEU, let's just hope that his depraved version of the Joker is given the chance to redeem himself, unbound by harsh editing or the restrictions of a PG-13 rating.


Should we give Jared Leto's Joker a second chance?


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